Thursday, September 8, 2016

Comcast and their ilk threaten Net Neutrality

From Demand Progress:

The FCC's historic Open Internet rule made Net Neutrality the law of the land.

But an army of telecommunications industry lawyers just filed yet ANOTHER legal appeal aimed at overturning it.1

Now the court is demanding that our side respond to the appeal this month, and our coalition's legal defense fund is running low on money.

This is a serious threat, and if we don't respond to the court's demand for a brief, then Net Neutrality could be overturned completely. Will you chip in $5? Half your donation will go directly to the coalition legal defense fund, and we'll use the rest to keep mobilizing grassroots support.

Comcast and their allies have filed at least ten lawsuits against Net Neutrality, and it's clear it will fight all the way to the Supreme Court if it has to.2

This most recent appeal comes after a 3-judge panel at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the rule. Now Comcast's allies want the full court to review the entire case again.

This is a classic example of how giant corporations use their money to override the will of the people. The FCC received more than 3.7 million comments in favor of Net Neutrality. Polls show that voters overwhelmingly support it.3

But by drowning the FCC in legal filings and lawsuits, Comcast and its buddies are wasting time and taxpayer money, delaying enforcement actions—and they just might get Net Neutrality overturned completely.

We know that Comcast and the other big telecommunications companies can spend virtually unlimited amounts of money on lawyers. And the only reason we even have a chance is because the facts are so clearly on our side.

But taking on corporate giants like this isn't cheap—and we're counting on your help. If you chip in today, we'll split your donation 50-50 between our coalition's legal defense fund and ongoing grassroots organizing by Demand Progress to defend Net Neutrality in the court of public opinion. Will you chip in $5?

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