Saturday, September 10, 2016

Put pressure on the House to hold an up and down vote on Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

Eight years ago this month, thousands of pro-liberty Americans gathered in Minnesota for Campaign for Liberty's Rally for the Republic.

These Americans, many of whom were new to the Liberty Movement, traveled across the country to celebrate all that had been accomplished during Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign.

And more importantly, they began to plan the next stages of the Liberty r3VOLution.

Shortly after the rally, the housing bubble burst, the stock market crashed, and Wall Street -- aided in part by the Federal Reserve -- rushed to Congress demanding a bailout.

Congressional leadership, the administration, and the special interests all expected the bailout to pass Congress with little or no meaningful debate or dissent.

But then Campaign for Liberty mobilized pro-liberty Americans to flood Congress with phone calls opposing the bailout.

And what was supposed to be a slam dunk turned into one of the most continuous battles I witnessed in my years on Capitol Hill as Dr. Paul's legislative director.

Although the bailout ultimately passed, Campaign for Liberty showed the Congressional leadership and whole political class that the r3VOLution was not going away.

Not only that, public outrage over the Federal Reserve's responsibility for the maker meltdown and its role in the bank bailout led more Americans than ever to favor a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

So, shortly after the fight over the bailouts, Campaign for Liberty launched an effort to move Congress to respond to the growing anti-Fed sentiment by passing Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill.

As a result of the efforts of Campaign for Liberty supporters like you, Audit the Fed twice passed the House by overwhelming (and increasing) majorities.

Today, this critical bill is just six votes away from breaking Harry Reid's filibuster, passing the Senate, and being signed into law!

The next step in our efforts is to have another House vote, thus sending the bill back to the Senate where we can force the Senate to vote right before going home to campaign.

But even though House Speaker Paul Ryan has supported the bill in the past, he has yet to commit to holding a roll-call vote.

So please, call Paul Ryan today at 202-225-0600 and sign your petition to tell him to schedule a vote on Audit the Fed (HR 24) immediately!

Audit the Fed may be needed now more than ever.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has recently stated that the Fed needs to start thinking "outside the box" about how to respond to the next financial crisis.

Among the "outside the box" ideas Yellen wants the Fed to consider are increasing the Fed's purchase of stocks, bonds, and other private assets and "modifying" the Fed's inflation targets.

In other words, increase the Fed's power over the economy by bailing out big banks, large financial firms, and other large corporations, while eroding your standard of living via inflation.

The American people deserve to know the full truth about how the Fed evaluates the economy and what plans it is making when the next crash comes.

Including any and all "arrangements" the Fed has made with foreign central banks, as well as plans to purchase stock in private companies, bail out the big banks, and ramp up the printing presses.

If we can force the House leadership to hold a vote on, and pass, Audit the Fed within the next several weeks, we can then force the Senate to hold a vote right before going home to campaign.

This will present fence-sitting Senators with a tough choice...

... Either stand with the nearly 75% of Americans who support Audit the Fed...

... Or stand with the Fed and its powerful allies who are desperate to keep you from knowing the facts about America's monetary policy.

A House and Senate vote this month will also put Hillary Clinton and her allies in a difficult position.

You see, Secretary Clinton has yet to take a public position on Audit the Fed.

And major high-profile votes on the bill will force her to take a public position on the bill and answer some uncomfortable questions about her relationship with Wall Street special interests.

House and Senate votes on Audit the Fed this month will keep Audit the Fed at the forefront of the public debate.

And will set us up to make more progress -- and even pass the bill -- as soon as next year, no matter who wins the White House!

While time is short, it is still possible to have a vote on Audit the Fed this month.

Getting Speaker Ryan to agree to hold a vote is the key.

So please call Paul Ryan today and sign your petition to tell him to hold a vote on Audit the Fed ASAP!

You can reach Speaker Ryan at 202-255-6000.

The only reason Audit the Fed has come as far as it has is because Campaign for Liberty -- with your support -- was able to mobilize Americans to put the heat on Congress.

And you and I did not let up until their members cosponsored and until the leadership scheduled roll-call votes on the bill.

You see, most politicians want to avoid controversial votes that force them to choose between their constituents and powerful special interests.

After all, taking a stand means they will make someone mad at them, and making someone mad means they might lose a campaign contribution, or a valued volunteer, or an influential endorsement...

... And if they make enough people mad, they may even lose re-election!

So they try to avoid taking a stand by telling their constituents they are "studying" the issues or "following its progress."

Even worse, they try to buy us off by promising some compromise that appears to increase Fed transparency, but in reality protects the Fed from a full audit.

The only way to make Congress act is to not just put the pressure on, but to keep it on and make them know that we will not settle for any phony compromises.

And for eight years, Campaign for Liberty members have done just that.

Campaign for Liberty's principled activists are the only reason that Audit the Fed has gone from a fringe issue to the center of American politics.

For years, Ron Paul warned about the dangers of allowing monetary policy to be controlled by secretive central banks.

But until 2008, few in Congress (although many in America) joined him in working to open the Fed's books.

What changed?

It was not just that grassroots Americans started listening to Dr. Paul.

It was also because Campaign for Liberty encouraged Americans to let their elected Representatives know that they were listening and they expected the rest of D.C. to listen to Ron Paul!

Campaign for Liberty members like you are the reason we are closer than ever to passing Audit the Fed, but we need your continued help.

So please, call Paul Ryan today and sign your petition to tell him to schedule a vote on Audit the Fed as soon as possible.

You can reach Speaker Ryan at 202-225-0600.

And if you can, please chip in $50, $30, $20, or $10 to help Campaign for Liberty‘s efforts to pass Audit the Fed.

In Liberty,

Norm Singleton

P.S. Thanks to the years of hard work by Campaign for Liberty members like you, we are just seven votes shy of passing Audit the Fed in the Senate.

... And we may be able to pass the bill if we can force the Senate to hold another vote this month...

And force the Senate to either stand with the 75% of pro-Audit the Fed Americans, or stand with the powerful special interests that benefit from Fed secrecy right before going home to campaign.

While time is tight, it is still more than possible to force votes on Audit the Fed in both the House and the Senate if we turn up the heat, and keep it up, until we have achieved our goal.

The first step is passing Audit the Fed through the House.

So please call House Speaker Paul Ryan at 202-225-0600 and sign your petition to tell him to schedule a vote on Audit the Fed now.

And if you can, please sign the petition and chip in $50, $30, $20 or even $10 to help Campaign for Liberty mobilize more Americans to pressure Congress to pass Audit the Fed.

I tried to contact Congressman Ryan's office by phone but his voicemail box is full so on top of signing the petition you can contact him here as well.

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