Monday, September 19, 2016

Say no to government waste

From Freedom Works:

Will you let these liberal DC insiders rush a big, bloated federal budget through Congress, a budget that wastes BILLIONS of your tax dollars on corrupt, big government projects? I don’t know about you, but I won’t. FreedomWorks is doing everything we can to stop their nefarious plot. But we can’t do it ourselves. WE NEED YOUR HELP! That’s why I’m asking you to call your congressman at 202-360-4370 and tell them to say NO to a short-term budget.

If they succeed, either your taxes will go up or the national debt will continue to skyrocket. Thankfully there’s still time left to stop this nightmare scenario. But the clock is ticking. And time is running out. So please, take 30 seconds and call your member of congress at 202-360-4370 right now. Tell them NO lame duck budgets, period. Tell them to say NO to a short-term budget.

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