Sunday, September 25, 2016

Don't get stung by the Stingray

From Demand Progress:

Your local police can tap your cell phone from anywhere.
Police are using “Stingrays”, a device that mimics cell towers and tricks your phone – and up to 10,000 neighboring phones! – into connecting so they can capture your calls and text messages.

And because they don't need a warrant, police could be tapping your phone right now and you'd have no idea!

But police use of Stingrays can interfere with our ability to communicate – they’ve even kept folks from contacting 911 and protestors from talking to each other. In some instances, Stingrays may even be able to spoof messages that appear to be from the owners of the phone!1
The FCC has jurisdiction to stop local police from using these devices, but we need to mount a huge grassroots response to get them to ban Stingrays.

Sign the petition: Tell the FCC to ban the use of Stingrays by local law enforcement!
More and more local police units are using these devices to spy on anyone they deem a threat – whether a criminal or an activist.

The Baltimore Police Department has even used Stingrays more than 1,000 times in the last year alone – disproportionately hurting the African-American community’s ability to communicate.2
But by keeping the use of this irresponsible tool under a veil of secrecy, local police forces are able to use Stingrays largely without any judicial oversight or warrants. To use them, the FBI has been making local police forces to sign non-disclosure agreements, making it so police officers can’t even tell judges about their use!3

Thankfully we don’t have to rely on the FBI, Department of Justice, or Congress to stop local law enforcement from using these this insanely intrusive devices.
The FCC has jurisdiction to regulate Stingrays because they use the same frequencies that we use to make calls and text with our friends and families. And now it's time for the FCC to act.
Tell the FCC: It’s time for the FCC to rein in local law enforcement’s use of Stingrays. Ban local police from using stingrays now!

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