Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

From Public Advocate-the Clinton Investigative Commission:

It's time for Americans like you and me to take drastic action.

Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be possibly the most corrupt politician in America.

We've seen evidence of countless acts of criminal negligence, corruption and deceit.

She even left Americans to die in Benghazi.

Yet she has not faced one indictment, not one criminal charge.

Instead, she's been praised by the media and President Obama while securing the nomination for president from one of America's two primary political parties.

Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

Is America powerless to hold her accountable?

She's got the White House, the Department of Justice and even the FBI in her back pocket protecting her.

The federal justice and court systems are so packed with Obama's cronies that there's no one to stand up to Hillary's criminal rampage.

The United States Congress is the only force left that can take action against her.

But Republican leadership is sitting on their hands.

That's why I'm writing you today as Director of the Clinton Investigative Commission (CIC).

I'm formally calling on Congress to act now and hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her actions.

But I need your help to do it.

Our Representatives won't speak up unless you and I force them to.

My constitutional experts have uncovered something only a handful of people in the country have realized.

We don't have to wait for November to Impeach Hillary.

That's right.

Congress can impeach Hillary right now for her criminal misconduct as a senior federal official.

I've prepared a petition to Congress, laying out her misdeeds and what they can do about it.

Please sign your petition for Congress to "Impeach Hillary."

All it needs is your signature, demanding they take action.

And once you've signed, please consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or $15 to help fund our efforts.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal of the highest order, and I'm not going to sit by and watch her behavior go unpunished.

She left Americans to die in Benghazi, and then tried to lie to the American public about what happened...

...She abused her power as Secretary of State to funnel untold millions into the Clinton Family slush fund, dubbed the Clinton Foundation...

...She committed criminal negligence in her role as Secretary of State in the handling of classified information, documents and emails...

...and she blatantly lied to Congress about her behavior as Secretary of State, as testified by the director of the FBI.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Hillary still denies she did anything wrong.

That's why I've tasked the Clinton Investigative Commission (CIC) with bringing her to justice.

The CIC was founded to uncover the corruption of President Bill Clinton -- but we've never stopped observing and tracking the activities of the Clinton family, and that includes Hillary.

I have watched in horror this past year as one crime after another committed by Hillary was exposed -- only to see her evade justice each and every time.

For years now, America has known that Secretary Hillary Clinton behaved inappropriately, and even criminally, regarding the Benghazi incident.

But then you and I saw her incompetence and negligence in handling classified emails laid out before the country.

As FBI Director James Comey reported in his findings, Hillary's guilt seemed beyond question -- yet he inexplicably refused to recommend charges against her.

There are former government employees in prison for committing far lesser acts of negligence than Hillary, yet she is allowed to walk free and even seek the highest office in the land!

And just this summer, you and I learned that Hillary Clinton utilized a "Pay to Play" policy during her time as Secretary of State.

An independent investigation found that Hillary gave the overwhelming majority of her discretional time to groups and individuals who made massive donations to her Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a tax shelter and slush fund for the Clinton Family under the guise of a "non-profit organization."

Yet again, she is not facing any criminal charges!

Is there a different standard of justice for the wealthy and connected like the Clintons? It's certainly looking that way to most Americans.

We are going to hold Hillary to the same laws that apply to you and me.

And with your help, we can do it.

That's why the CIC is launching the first national petition calling on Congress to impeach Hillary Clinton over her behavior as Secretary of State.

By impeaching Hillary, Congress will be certifying her as "unqualified for national office."

She doesn't even have to be in office for Congress to Impeach her.

It's likely most members of Congress do not realize they have this power.

And Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have shown that they have no desire to hold Hillary accountable.

Which is why Public Advocate's Clinton Investigative Commission is turning up the heat on the Republican-controlled House and Senate.

With your help, the CIC is going to launch a full media blitz to gather support and kick Congress into action.

We will be emailing millions of Americans, launching Google Ads and even using social media to gather more signatures.

I've tasked the CIC with gathering at least 50,000 signatures right off the bat -- and 1 million signatures before it's over.

And then we will turn all our efforts onto Congress by delivering your petitions and pressuring them to act!

So please sign your petition calling for Congress to "Impeach Hillary" over her criminal conduct.

And then please consider chipping in a generous donation to help the CIC do even more.

Authoritative published opinions -- including our own top Clinton Investigative Commission legal counsel -- say impeachment is an extremely appropriate legislative action.

And since it is completely independent of executive involvement, there is no way for the corrupt Obama Administration to stop it.

While Hillary Clinton does not currently hold public office, Congress is empowered under the Constitution to act based on her transgressions while she held federal office.

After Congress impeaches Hillary, the Senate can then bar her from holding any federal office in the future.

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) has already joined with the Clinton Investigative Commission in calling for impeachment hearings.

Do you think the same laws that apply to you and me should also apply to the wealthy and connected like Hillary Clinton?

Do you think it matters when government employees violate the law, endanger our national security, and use their power to line their own pockets?

If you said "Yes," you need to let Congress know.

Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell have shown us that they aren't going to act on their own.

It's going to take a massive grassroots uprising to force their hand and make them do the right thing.

Signed petitions, emails, faxes, Google Ads, social media, direct mail -- we'll use it all!

The Clinton Investigative Commission will be delivering your signed petition directly to your U.S. Senators and Congressman.

But we need at least 50,000 signed petitions to Congress to get this ball rolling.

And to reach that many people is going to take a full media program -- which isn't cheap.

So after you sign your petition for Congress to Impeach Hillary, please consider chipping in a donation of $20 or even $15 to fund the CIC's efforts.

Even $10 or $5 will be a great help.

Thank you in advance for standing up for law and order in America.

Together, we can show the Clintons they are not above the law.

God Bless,

Director, Clinton Investigative Commission

P.S. The Clinton Investigative Commission is launching a first-of-its-kind petition calling on Congress to "Impeach Hillary" over her criminal conduct!

Hillary's pattern of corruption has been exposed for all the country to see -- yet she has still not faced a single indictment, not a single charge.

Obama's administration is sitting on the evidence, refusing to take action. That's why we need Congress to step up and fight for justice.

Click here to sign your petition for Congress to "Impeach Hillary."

And after you sign, please consider chipping in a generous donation of $20, $15 -- or even $10 or $5 -- to fund our efforts to bring Hillary to justice.

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