Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The TPP is not dead yet

From Fight For The Future:

Hi, several media outlets have reported that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is now dead. [1]

Unfortunately, these reports are greatly exaggerated. [2] While some top officials have made comments suggesting that the anti-democratic, censorship spreading TPP deal is on its death bed, the reality is that the White House and multinational corporations are more determined than ever to ram the TPP through right after the election in November. [3]

People watching this closely on Capitol Hill say that many of the politicians currently staying silent on the TPP or criticizing it will change their tune the day after the election.

This is an incredibly dangerous moment. Misleading media articles have many people thinking that the fight is already over, and we have just a matter of weeks to make the TPP so politically toxic that Congress can’t approve it.

This is such an urgent threat that we’re scaling up our plans for a massive anti-TPP mobilization in Washington, DC. It needs to be even bigger than we had planned for, which means we need to raise the funds to make it possible.

Will you chip in $5 to hold our elected officials accountable and stop the TPP?

We’ve been exposing the TPP’s corruption day after day with our Rock Against the TPP tour featuring well known musicians and celebrities helping sound the alarm and educate the public about how the TPP threatens our basic rights.

Together, we’ve already made this the largest mobilization against the TPP in U.S. history.

Now it’s time to bring our message directly to decision-makers in Washington, DC and put them on notice that if they vote to approve this toxic deal, they’ll have an uprising on their hands.

We planned for a huge protest. But now we need to make it even bigger. Will you chip in to help make it possible?

The TPP is not dead yet, but we have a very real chance of stopping it. Without all of your support, it would have become law months ago. The stakes are high, but we can win.

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