Saturday, September 10, 2016

Who are these marijuana prohibitionists?

A lot of people are asking just that. One of these idiotic groups is called Smart Approaches To Marijuana or SAM for short. Calling these assclowns "smart" is like calling a big guy "tiny". One of these esteemed idiots is Patrick J. Kennedy. This guy is a real winner. The idiots at SAM criticize us but we don't have felons on our side like they do. Yep,I'm referring to Mr. Patrick J. Kennedy himself. Mr. DUI or DWI himself. He crashed his car into a barricade in Washington DC. Not only did he not get arrested he was spared the sobriety tests and the officer drove him home. Pro-marijuana advocate Bill Maher once said that a lot of people need that after work joint. But not Patrick J. Kennedy. He is proud of the fact that he never did any hard work in his life. I guess hard work is for us morons who don't have a choice. We are about equal opportunity the other side seems to be about royalty. If you want to back the good guys we will be glad to have you and work with you as equals or you can work for them while they look down through their noses at you.

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