Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting down to the wire

From Rand 2016:

Tomorrow I will force the expiration of the NSA's illegal spying program.

I will not allow any bill extending illegal NSA spying to be rushed through ahead of the deadline.

My oath is to support and defend the Constitution and I won't back down.

The abuse of general warrants and the attack on the Bill of Rights must stop once-and-for-all.

We don't have to choose between fighting terrorism and obeying the Constitution.

That's why, two years ago, I sued the NSA.

It's why I proposed the Fourth Amendment Protection Act to force our government to abide by the Bill of Rights.

It's why I have fought for a full, open and honest debate on warrantless domestic spying -- a debate that is always kicked down the road in the name of "security."

So last week, with the proponents of this illegal spying rushing toward a deadline to ram through renewing illegal spying, I took a stand.

I filibustered for over 10 hours to shine a light on the vast expansion of the spy state and the erosion of our liberties.

I stood on the Senate floor until the early hours of the morning and helped block any short-term extension of these powers.

Tomorrow, the Senate will come back from recess with just hours left before the NSA's illegal spying powers expire.

And I won't allow defenders of the spy state to legislate through a manufactured crisis by holding a deadline over the head of Congress.

Let me be clear: I believe the number one job of the federal government is national defense.

I believe we must fight terrorism and I believe we must stand strong against our enemies.

But we do not need to compromise the Constitution in the process.

In fact, we must not.

I am ready and willing to start the debate on how we fight terrorism without giving up our liberty.

This can't be delayed any longer.

I do not do this to obstruct.

I'm fighting for a strong national defense that upholds the Constitution and protects Americans from enemies who seek to do us harm.

So I hope I can count on you to sign your petition and stand with me as I force illegal NSA spying to expire and stand strong against any deals or threats.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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