Saturday, May 23, 2015

UCLA study debunked

From Public Advocate:

I’ve warned for years about colleges promoting the radical Homosexual Agenda at the expense of the truth and the Liberal Media.

And a recent paper on homosexual “marriage” in the “Science Magazine” is the latest example.

The UCLA researchers of this study claimed that spending just 30 minutes with a homosexual dramatically increases support for homosexual “marriage.”

The report basically says that opposition to homosexual “marriage” is based on ignorance and not moral or religious beliefs.

Not surprisingly, this widely popular report has now been exposed as false.

You see, the liberal news media wanted this study to be true.

They knew repeating this lie would help break down Real Marriage.

And armed with new findings to continue their anti-Family agenda, Radical Homosexual activists even exploited the study to label Real Marriage supporters as “bigots.”

But now they’re forced to face reality as this so-called “study” was easily proven to be an outright lie.

In a private conversation, the University of California Los Angeles graduate assistant collecting the data admitted to “falsely describing at least some of the details of the data collection.”

And other students failed to produce statistically similar results when they tried to duplicate the study.

Despite his confession and the mounting evidence against the study, the UCLA graduate assistant refused to write a retraction.

The study was finally forced into question when his co-author came forward with the confession, but only after sitting on the false data for an entire year, helping radical homosexuals spread the lie.

I’m outraged, my friend!

As a public school, UCLA used taxpayer funding to pay an employee to fabricate a homosexual hit piece against pro-Family Americans.

This falsehood was even promoted as a major study against Real Marriage supporters.

But in reality, it was nothing more than propaganda designed to artificially drive public opinion against pro-Family Americans.

How many other government funded and pro-homosexual studies are faked to promote the radical Homosexual Agenda?

Radical homosexuals have many ivory tower allies in modern day academia.

And who knows how many times these published studies against Real Marriage relied on false data.

I’ve seen the radical Homosexual Lobby and their allies distort the truth time and time again.

Public Advocate has led the fight against their hate-filled lies since 1981.

Thank you for standing with me against the radical Homosexual Agenda.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

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