Monday, May 11, 2015

Make Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake resign

From The Tea Party:

The Baltimore mayor must resign
by Niger Innis

"We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that, as well..."

I hope you'll use the below petition to add your name to the growing list of conservatives who are calling on Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to step down. The Tea Party is leading the charge by demanding her immediate resignation.

Law enforcement is still on high alert in the wake of riots that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and led to more than 450 arrests.

Baltimore's liberal Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police to "stand down" while giving violent protesters "space to destroy" private property and police vehicles. Order was finally restored after the Governor deployed 2,500 National Guardsmen into the city's streets.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake encouraged lawlessness in Baltimore as homeowners and shopkeepers feared for their lives and their property.This is completely unacceptable.

Our elected officials are entrusted to keep their oath of office and protect their constituents.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake's dereliction of duty makes her wholly unfit to hold office. The Tea Party launched a public campaign to demand Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake resign immediately, and we need your support!

Once we've collected 50,000 signatures, The Tea Party will deliver the signed petitions to the Maryland Board of Elections. It's absolutely critical that we reach 50,000 signatures in 72 hours. So please take just a moment to sign our petition.

The Baltimore Mayor Must Resign

In the hours after the riots began, Fox News reported an official involved with law enforcement efforts said Mayor Rawlings-Blake ordered police to "stand down" as chaos spread across Western Baltimore.

And when given the opportunity to address the public for the first time, Mayor Rawlings-Blake explained that she wanted to provide violent protesters "space to destroy" parts of the city.

It's simply outrageous.

That's why you and I must pressure Mayor Rawlings-Blake to resign... immediately. Baltimore needs true leadership, and Mayor Rawlings-Blake proved she is not fit to lead the city of Baltimore.

Please sign the above Tea Party "Demand Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Resign!" petition, then please chip in $25 or $50 toward our efforts, so we can print and deliver these petitions to the Maryland Board of Elections by next week.

Thank you.

In Freedom,

Niger Innis
Executive Director

P.S. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake failed the people of Baltimore and ignored her oath of office when she allowed violent protesters to destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars in private property and police equipment during the recent riots. The Tea Party is holding her accountable by demanding that she resign immediately.

Please sign our "Demand Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Resign!" petition, then help us deliver thousands of these petitions to the Maryland Board of Elections by chipping in $25, $50, or more right away. Thank you.

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