Saturday, May 23, 2015

Keep the pressure on to defeat the Patriot Act

From Rand2016:

What a week!

It all culminated last night around 1:30 AM when the U.S. Senate attempted to ram through legislation to keep the NSA's illegal domestic spy programs alive.

The first vote was on the House passed "reform" bill, which still allows bulk data collection under another method.

It failed, leaving spy-state apologists only one option - to ram through some type of short-term extension of the unconstitutional "Patriot" Act.

I stood up to the surveillance state every step of way.

I refused to back down - objecting to EVERY short-term extension attempt made last night.

As a result, the Senate was forced to adjourn WITHOUT reauthorizing the "Patriot" Act - meaning the beast is set to expire on May 31st.

When the Senate comes back into session next Sunday, they'll have only 8 hours to pass a bill before the "Patriot" Act expires.

That means if you and I can hold the spy state off for only 8 more hours, we'll relegate the NSA's illegal spy program to the trash bin of history where it belongs.

But to do that I'm going to need your help throughout next week.

The truth is, this fight is extremely important to our future.

The Founders understood Liberty cannot long survive without privacy.

Most conservatives know government registration of firearms would ultimately lead to gun confiscation.

It's no different with the rest of our lives.

Once government bureaucrats know every aspect of our lives - what we watch, what we buy, what we eat, where we worship - it won't be long until they try to run them "for our own good."

That's why it's critical you and I hold the spy state off for 8 more hours on May 31st.

My staff is preparing a few videos of exactly what happened last night on the Senate floor.

As soon as they're uploaded and ready, I'll be sure to send them to you.

Thanks to your support, you and I won a stunning victory this week. We proved if freedom-loving Americans stand and fight the Washington Machine - we can win!

But I'm afraid our job is not over yet.

So I hope I can count on you to continue to stand with me in this fight.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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