Friday, October 30, 2015

End union violence

From The National Right To Work Committee:

Armed with phony protest signs attached to baseball bats along with other "concealed" makeshift weapons, more than 500 International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) militants stormed the port in Longview, Washington.

Slashing tires, breaking windows, cutting the brake lines of fully loaded railway cars, dumping shipments of grain into the dirt, the ILWU mob slowly made their way to a group of six port security guards determined to stop their march.

Outnumbered, the guards were quickly forced to retreat into their guard shack where they were held hostage until the police were finally able to restore order.

If any other common criminals were to destroy property and hold people hostage, they would be put behind bars where they belong.

Yet, not one of these union thugs was arrested!

But the shocking thing is: Stories like this one, even though they don’t make national news, are repeated again and again.

That’s why I hope you will immediately sign the petition I've created to your U.S. Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

I'll give you the link below, but first I want you to know how important it is you join this fight today.

You see, you and I have an opportunity to ultimately put an end to this kind of union violence.

The fact is, for nearly 40 years union bosses and their enforcers have committed thousands of reported incidents of violence, extortion, vandalism and even murder -- and untold thousands more that go unreported.

And in virtually every case, these vicious acts of violence and intimidation have gone unpunished.

That’s because of the Supreme Court’s infamous 1973 Enmons decision which granted union bosses immunity from prosecution under federal law for acts of violence and vandalism orchestrated in the so-called "pursuit of legitimate union objectives."

This outrageous loophole in federal law has effectively tied the hands of law enforcement and has permitted union bosses and their handpicked "enforcers" to use any means necessary to achieve their often violent goals.

It is no secret that union bosses are all too happy to use violence and terror to achieve their number one goal: Corral more working men and women into forced-dues-paying ranks.

So will you sign this petition to your U.S. Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in favor of the Freedom from Union Violence Act (S. 62)?

In the Longview case, at least no one was shot.

Unfortunately, John King, the owner of a mid-size Toledo electrical contracting business, wasn’t so lucky when he was shot by a union thug in the dead of night.

You see, Mr. King’s business had been a regular target for a union boss takeover by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

They nearly succeeded, that is until the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned the IBEW’s certification after it was shown that the union bosses lied to King’s employees, promising them electrician jobs on union sites if they voted the union into his company.

At that point, the IBEW’s "corporate campaign" of harassment, vandalism and death threats returned with a vengeance.

King, along with his employees, was the regular target of union militants who would routinely slash the tires of their cars and throw rocks through the company’s windows.

As King put it: "It was nothing to have to regularly buy a new set of tires . . . the ice pick was the weapon of choice."

Then things turned uglier when the IBEW militants turned their attention not to King’s company, but this time to his home.

Late one night while getting ready for bed, King noticed the motion lights turn on in his driveway.

When he went out to investigate, he was confronted by a union thug who had just finished spray painting the word "SCAB" across King’s SUV and was set to puncture his tires.

When King yelled, the man didn’t say a word. Instead he stood up, and without hesitation pulled out a gun and shot King.

Fortunately, Mr. King lived. Others have not been so lucky.

That’s why I hope you will join our effort to make sure union bosses are held accountable for the acts of violence they commit.

But to do this, your help is crucial.

The fact is, union violence reflects Big Labor’s coercive approach to organizing. Instead of relying on persuasion, union officials have routinely resorted to threats and compulsion to add to their dues-paying ranks.

Richard Trumka, the AFL-CIO’s president, is a case in point.

When asked about union violence, Mr. Trumka coldly replied: "I’m saying if you strike a match and put your finger in it, you’re likely to get burned."

You see, Big Labor bosses think a chunk of every workers’ paycheck is rightfully theirs -- and history proves they’ll do almost anything to get it.

That’s why the Freedom from Union Violence Act (S. 62) should be a top priority in Congress.

And I hope you'll sign this petition right away insisting your U.S. Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell take this issue seriously.

With your help, your Committee plans to . . .

***Mobilize hundreds of thousands of Americans, through mail, email and by phone, to put pressure on their Senators to cosponsor and seek roll-call votes on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

***Run hard-hitting internet, radio, T.V. and newspaper ads, which we plan to run in the home states of swing Senators -- calling on them by name to support the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

***Personally brief hundreds of influential nationally syndicated columnists, editorial writers and talk show hosts to shine a spotlight on the outrage of union violence and build pressure on Congress to hold a vote.

***Hold accountable any politician who votes against the Freedom from Union Violence Act -- not just at the time of the vote but all the way to their next election.

So, as a first step, I hope you will sign this petition to your U.S. Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Next, I hope I can count on you to chip in $10 or $20 to help the National Right to Work Committee pay for and, just as importantly, expand this critical program.

Your action today will go a long way in pushing Congress to take a stand and put an end to this outrage.

And then, in next year’s Election, voters across the country will know which of their politicians acted to end union violence and which of them still have blood on their hands.

So, please, sign this petition today.

And, if at all possible, chip in $10 or $20 to the National Right to Work Committee, so we can mobilize the grassroots army needed to finally close this Big Labor loophole of violence.

With your help, we’ll ultimately end Big Labor’s government- sanctioned reign of terror once and for all.


Mark Mix

P.S. Today we have the opportunity to finally close the loophole in federal law and bring union bosses under the same laws that protect us from other brutal thugs and criminals.

So, please, sign this petition demanding your U.S. Senators and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cosponsor and seek roll-call votes on the Freedom from Union Violence Act (S. 62).

And, if at all possible, chip in $10, $20 or whatever you can afford to the National Right to Work Committee today.

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