Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trust and Verify

From Freedom Works:

That's what Ronald Reagan said about negotiating with the Soviets and that's how the House Freedom Caucus negotiated with Paul Ryan.

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Patriots like you have worked overtime to fire John Boehner and prevent Kevin McCarthy, Boehner's right-hand-man, from rising to Speaker of the House.

This would not have happened without your vigilance. From January to September, our community took more than 200,000 actions to oust Boehner and over 11,000 in only 48 hours to keep McCarthy out of the job. It is a remarkable achievement and stands as a testament to the power that can be wielded by those of us who are armed only with our commitment to the principles we hold dear and our resolve to protect the America that we know and love.

It shouldn't be surprising that I've spent an incredible amount of time on the phone and in meetings trying to convince multiple conservative members to toss their hat in the ring and run to be Speaker. But, as you know, Paul Ryan emerged as a candidate. And after a meeting with the House Freedom Caucus, it looks as though he will be the next person to hold the gavel.

Without question, there is frustration emanating from conservatives across the country.

But ultimately this fight was about process, not about personalities.

The main goals of the House Freedom Caucus were:

•A return to regular order by allowing an open amendment process, passing appropriations bills, and ending Republican leadership's tendency to govern by crisis through constant Continuing Resolutions and debt ceiling debates that only serve to strengthen Obama's hand.

•To stop punishing conservative members by stalling their bills, stripping them from committees, and running outside campaigns to defeat them.

•To finally stand up to Obama, who, because of Republican leadership's inability to show any real courage, is fast becoming the most powerful lame duck president in history.

And they trust that Ryan will be a step towards these goals, but they haven't given up their tools to verify and remove Ryan if he turns out to be a clone of Boehner.

Just a few years ago, I could count the number of allies in the House on one hand. Today, we have over 40.

Our challenge is to support this group of freedom fighters and expand their ranks. It is not only a worthwhile cause but also an absolute necessity. They need reinforcements if we want to see more victories that humble the Washington establishment.

Only then will we truly be able to set the agenda.

Adam Brandon
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

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