Monday, October 5, 2015

Help defeat TPP

From Demand Progress:

Breaking news: Negotiators and lobbyists meeting in secret have just reached a final agreement on the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).1

The TPP is the biggest corporate trade deal in world history—slashing protections against Wall Street recklessness and for Internet freedom across a whopping 40 percent of the world's economy.

The TPP deal now goes to the U.S. Congress, where bipartisan opposition to the deal has been growing. We're launching a huge campaign to stop the TPP from passing Congress. Will you chip in $5?

Even though the deal is being reported as final, the public STILL has not be shown the text of the agreement. Members of Congress are being asked to take a position on a deal that is literally sealed behind closed doors.

What do know about the TPP has come from leaks released by organizations like WikiLeaks, and it's frankly outrageous.

The draft TPP would sneak in SOPA-like attacks on Internet freedom, overturn protections against Wall Street recklessness, and allow corporations to sue sovereign nations to overturn the decisions of democratically elected officials.2

The corporate supporters of this deal say it's about promoting "free trade," but there's actually nothing free about it. The TPP is all about rigging the rules of the game in favor of big corporations against the environment, workers, and consumers.

The reason we can stop this bill is that it's not just liberal Democrats who oppose it—conservatives and Tea Party activists hate it too. In the last few weeks, presidential candidates from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump have condemned the TPP, and if enough of us speak out, we can stop this deal cold.

Click here to donate $5 and help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Thanks for standing with us.


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2. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Job Loss, Lower Wages and Higher Drug Prices, accessed October 5, 2015

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