Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sign the petition to keep Paul Ryan from becoming Speaker of the House

From Public Advocate:

We're running out of time.

Congressman Paul Ryan is expected to announce his decision to run for U.S. House Speaker as early as Monday.

It's crucial for you to sign your emergency petition letting your Congressman know you oppose Ryan's dangerous potential run for Speaker right away.

That's because Paul Ryan co-sponsored and voted for the dangerous Gay Bill of Special Rights.

And if this is how he votes as a Congressman, imagine how he'll use the most powerful position in the House to make deals with the radical Homosexual Lobby?

That's why Public Advocate is leading the charge and encouraging pro-Family Americans to rise up so we can flood the halls of Congress with petitions urging they vote against Paul Ryan for Speaker.

My staff and I worked long hours to prepare ads on Google, Facebook and Drudge in 42 key districts opposing Paul Ryan.

We've even launched ads in Paul Ryan's very own district in Wisconsin – alerting every pro-Family American in the area about Paul Ryan's betrayal of pro-Family values.

But Public Advocate needs your help to spread the message of Ryan's betrayal.

After you sign your petition, please consider chipping in $10 or $25 to boost our program?

A quick donation of $10 or $25 will fund an additional 2,200 to 11,000 pro-Family views on Facebook alone.

And recent reports are indicating Paul Ryan will be hesitant to run if he feels there is enough grassroots opposition against him.

But unless pro-Family Americans voice their opposition, I'm afraid Congressmen will fall for the myth that Paul Ryan is a pro-Family politician.

Paul Ryan is the Trojan Horse of politicians.

He tries to fool Americans like me and you into believing he supports Religious Liberty and Traditional Values.

But his voting record of supporting the radical Homosexual Lobby's agenda reveals what he really believes in.

In fact, some sources have informed me the Homosexual Lobby secretly wants Paul Ryan.

And why wouldn't they?

Using his power as the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan would be able to make backroom deals with the Homosexual Lobby and force weak-kneed Republicans into implementing their agenda.

Paul Ryan has already been a major supporter in voting for the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Imagine what's next if he wins.

That's why it's crucial you sign your petition opposing Paul Ryan and chip in $10 or $25 immediately.

My staff will prepare and send the emergency fax to your Congressman right away.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. The race to replace Speaker Boehner is heating up and now pro-Homosexual Lobby Paul Ryan is being pressured to run.

Paul Ryan voted to pass the Gay Bill of Special Rights in 2007 and if he becomes the next Speaker, he'll have more power to pass it again.

Please, click here to sign your emergency petition to your Congressman opposing Paul Ryan's bid, along with a $10 or $25 gift right away.

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