Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Campaign For Liberty is gearing up for Audit The Fed among other things

From Campaign For Liberty:

This year’s “campaign for liberty” is in play for our toughest yet.

But your hard work is undeniably paying off.

Campaign for Liberty supporters like you are making a difference every day.

And I believe there’s never been a better opportunity for the liberty movement to make HUGE strides.

So Patriot, today I’m personally requesting your chip in a contribution before 11:59 PM tomorrow, December 31, to help me bring in the New Year with a Liberty Bang!

Please allow my staff, along with activists around the nation, to continue their work for freedom in America.

I’m depending on your continued support.

I know it’s a lot to ask around the holidays, but if you can, please contribute $40 , $30 , or $20 today.

Campaign for Liberty is gearing up for the following:

>>> 2016 kicks off with the Senate vote on Audit the Fed on January 12 (this is HUGE);

>>> President Obama is threatening gun control and a horde of other statist schemes via Executive Order if Congress won’t act;

>>> The IRS could be breathing down our neck once again;

>>> It’s a major Presidential election year, and auditing the Fed is a top issue for voters so it’s sure to be front-and-center through November 2016;

>>> Congress will soon be preparing to renew the FISA Amendments Act. FISA is the secret court that serves as a rubberstamp for the NSA.

As you can see, we have two opportunities to begin dismantling the surveillance state and restore the Fourth Amendment!

And these are only a tiny portion of what is in store for Campaign for Liberty in 2016.

That's why I need to know you'll continue standing with me in 2016.

A generous contribution before tomorrow’s deadline will show me you’re with me.

Chip in here:

Thank you SO much.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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