Friday, December 4, 2015

Tell Congress not to let middle eastern christians die

From Public Advocate:

Obama has expanded his war on Christians.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the potential threat facing American families in the form of unknown and unscreened Muslim refugees coming to your state by the thousands.

Not only are these ranks serving to conceal dangerous radical terrorists, but...

Obama’s refugee program is actively discriminating against Middle East Christians fleeing for their lives.

They are not even being allowed to apply for refugee status.

Small pockets of Christians living within Muslim nations -- these people are the most vulnerable to the ravages of radical Islam.

There are no Christian governments and few non-Christian governments for these oppressed people to turn to.

Yet Obama and his cronies are actively blocking 100% of the Christian Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

This seems to be a Presidential Death Sentence imposed on refugees seeking asylum simply because they are Christians.

Obama's track record against Christians has been well documented by Public Advocate.

We've closely followed the stories of Christian bakers, florists, photographers and even servicemen being persecuted for holding to their religious beliefs.

There are the Colorado bakers who were ordered to attend Homosexual Reeducation Camp, and the Oregon bakers who could lose their home any day to a ruinous lawsuit -- to name two.

Governors of more than half of the United States have declared they do not want Obama’s potentially dangerous refugees -- including unknown numbers of Muslim ISIS terrorists -- within their borders.

Few people or groups have even discussed the plight of Christians, made worse by this President.

Yet, just like with Real Marriage laws, the rights of states and conservative voters are being denied.

As president of Public Advocate, I am formally calling on the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to take action now to save these Christian Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

And I am asking you to join me.

They are the most vulnerable, the most targeted, they most persecuted in this ISIS War. . . and they are receiving the least aid.

If left in some of these areas and regions, these long practicing Christians could be killed or forced to renounce their faith under excruciating torture.

Major media is all but ignoring their plight.

So it is up to Public Advocate -- you and me and thousands of other supporters -- to defend Christian liberty and American families.

Please contact your Senators and Congressman.

Tell Congress to stop the ISIS terrorist pipeline and instead reverse the alleged Presidential directive to bar persecuted Middle East Christians from even applying for refugee status.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

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