Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Don't let Net Neutrality be gutted

From Free Press Action Fund:

This year’s Net Neutrality win was an enormous victory for the Internet — but the fight isn’t over yet.

The cable industry is suing the FCC in an attempt to gut the agency’s historic open Internet rules. On Dec. 4, the court will hear oral arguments. The case is even in front of one of the same judges who wrote the decision last year, tossing out the agency's last attempt at Net Neutrality because the FCC picked the wrong legal theories.

In the meantime, Republicans in Congress are trying to attach dangerous riders to must-pass budget legislation that would effectively prevent the agency from enforcing the Net Neutrality rules.

Now is our chance to prove that this time, the FCC got it right. We’re fighting back every day: We’re defending the Net Neutrality rules in court, meeting with members of Congress and challenging industry lies whenever and wherever they pop up.

Thanks for standing with us—

Dana, Carrie and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team

It’s Giving Tuesday, and you are likely getting bombarded with pleas for money.

Here’s the thing: We are this close — just $7,000 away — from reaching our $50,000 fundraising challenge. If we get there, a generous donor will kick in an extra $50,000.

Can we count on you? Chip in $10 today so we can keep fighting anti-Net Neutrality threats in Congress and in the courts.

Thank you!


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