Monday, December 14, 2015

Tell Congress to save Net Neutrality

Free Press Action Fund:

Negotiations are going down to the wire on a must-pass budget bill. Some members of Congress continue to talk about sneaking in so-called "riders" that could threaten the survival of Net Neutrality.

These negotiations are going on at the highest levels of Congress. While the conversations are taking place behind closed doors, the reporters covering the bargaining process say that anti-Net Neutrality riders are still on the table. These riders would flat out prevent the FCC from enforcing the Net Neutrality rules.

Congressional leaders need to hear from you TODAY: Tell them that the open Internet shouldn’t be up for negotiation.

After passing a short extension Friday, Congress is now scrambling to bring a massive spending bill to the floor this week to avoid another government shutdown. Once this bill hits the floor there likely won’t be any time for open debate on these dangerous riders. Leadership needs to hear from you NOW.

We’ve won this same fight before. Just last summer some longtime anti-Net Neutrality members of Congress tried to sneak the same bad language into government-funding bills. Thanks to the enormous public outcry from people like you, those bills never made it to the floor. That could change now as talk of funding showdowns and shutdowns heats up before the imminent deadline.

Your voice is needed: Tell congressional leaders to speak out for real Net Neutrality.

Nearly 4 million Americans urged the FCC to protect Net Neutrality. Congress must not undermine this historic win by sneaking bad language into a must-pass spending bill.

This stops now.

Thanks for all that you do—

Sandy, Matt, Dutch and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team

P.S. We’re fighting hard in Congress and in the courts to preserve the FCC’s historic Net Neutrality rules. Help fund the fight with a donation of $10 today. Thank you!

P.P.S. Most of you won't be calling your own members of Congress, but that's OK. These offices need to hear from everyone who supports Net Neutrality!

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