Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rand Paul addresses Ted Cruz's inconsistancies

From Rand 2016:

One thing I think is clear: we can't afford to hang our hopes for the next election on reality show entertainers.

Or with a group of neocons.

We need a true champion of liberty and conservative causes.

That's why I am running and asking for your help today.

It's also why I am determined that people see the truth about my opponents.

One of them, Ted Cruz, has worked with me on some issues, but has some troubling tendencies that need to be discussed.

Ted Cruz tries to have it both ways and has flip flopped on number of serious issues. My latest ad addresses these inconsistencies.

Ted Cruz was against the patriot act when he ran, but voted to reauthorize it in 2015.


He was also for Obamatrade before he was against it.

Not a good idea.

He was also all for allowing illegal immigrants to stay in 2013, but now he is vying for the bus driver position on Donald Trump's deportation express.

You get the idea.

My thing is - if you ask people to trust you, well, you should be honest with them.

I think Ted is playing games and politics. And this is serious business.

We should know where people stand.

Please watch the video.

Stand with me today.

In Liberty,
Rand Paul

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