Sunday, December 20, 2015

Where in the world is Marco Rubio?

From Rand 2016:

If the American people can't trust Senator Marco Rubio to keep his promises and do the job he was elected to do, how in the world can we trust him to be president?

Yesterday, as I heard Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gloating after passage of $1.1 TRILLION omnibus spending bill that he bragged "capped off a successful year for Senate Democrats," I couldn't help but wonder, where all of my Republican colleagues who told the American people they would fight President Obama's agenda?

One Senator, Marco Rubio, couldn't even be bothered to show up . . . again.

My campaign just cut a brand-new ad highlighting Senator Rubio's chronic absenteeism, which I hope you'll take a moment to watch.

If Senator Rubio is too busy running for President to stand with conservatives and fight President Obama's radicalism, he should stop ripping off taxpayers. Period.

At least then, patriots like you and me would have an opportunity to have a true conservative standing beside us in the Senate instead of a Senator who puts his own personal ambitions ahead of doing the job he promised voters to do.

If you agree, I hope you'll please agree to your most generous contribution to help me run this ad far and wide.

Whatever you can do -- whether it's $50, $25 or even $10 -- will help my campaign run this ad far and wide.

In Liberty,
Rand Paul

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