Friday, December 4, 2015

Rand Paul wants to stop the left from confiscating your gun

From Rand Paul 2016:

To the national media and Big Government pals, the script is always the same.

Even before facts rolled in about yesterday's horrific shootings in San Bernardino, California that left 14 dead and 17 more wounded, Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were loudly calling for new gun control schemes.

And the front page of at least one major newspaper this morning says I'm to blame for standing up to past anti-gun measures in Washington, D.C.!

They're exploiting the deaths of innocent Americans to further their plans to dismantle the 2nd Amendment, destroy conservatives, and as we saw today, attack faith and prayer. The victims are just another helpful talking point to the left.

All of this sickens me to the core.

The families of those who died or were wounded deserve more than this.

But all is fair in the liberal war against the Constitution.

And I know more is coming... I know those who try to twist every tragedy to push their Big Government, anti-gun political agenda are not going to give up.

They think our freedom is to blame for every bad that happens. And their proposed solution to every problem is more government -- more liberalism.

I'm not playing by their rules.

And those who are serious about restoring this country can't afford to either.

As we pray for those who lost loved ones yesterday, I'm afraid we must also brace for yesterday's attacks to be compounded with attacks on our liberty.

They've already started. And it's going to get worse.

In Liberty,
Rand Paul

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