Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Defeat Harry Reid's attempt take our guns

From RandPAC:

Harry Reid tried to pull one of the oldest tricks in Washington.

Recently, a few red state Democrats facing tough re-elections co-sponsored a "Sportsmen's Bill."

But this so-called pro-gun bill was nothing of the sort.

It was merely a prop for Democrats in pro-gun states to wave around to promote their Second Amendment credentials.

So I proposed a number of amendments that would put some teeth into this empty vessel and transform it into true pro-gun legislation.

My amendments to lift gun control in the District of Columbia would have:

<< Repealed the registration requirement.

<< Ended the ban on semi-automatic rifles and so-called "high capacity magazines."

<< Extended the right to carry firearms outside residents' homes and ended the ban on carrying firearms on federal lands in D.C.

But rather than pass real pro-gun legislation, the Senate spiked this "Sportsmen's Bill."

The signal from this vote was broadcast loud and clear: no gun rights legislation in Harry Reid's Senate.

He's only interested in legislative smoke-and-mirrors to preserve the anti-gun majority he presides over.

If you and I are going to advance the cause of Second Amendment rights, we're going to have to change Senate leadership.

That's why I hope you'll sign your "No Gun Control" petition today.

Send a message to Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats running scared for re-election that America's pro-Second Amendment majority is prepared to strike back this November.

In liberty,

Senator Rand Paul

P.S. Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats shot down the so-called "Sportsmen's Bill" rather than hold votes on my gun rights amendments.

To help RANDPAC in the fight to remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader, please sign your "No Gun Control" petition today!

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