Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good news about Net Neutrality

Free Press Action Fund:

Just let me say this first: You're amazing.

Thanks to you and other Net Neutrality supporters, the FCC has been overwhelmed by public comments in support of the open Internet.

In fact, so many people inundated the FCC site on Tuesday that it crashed. The agency was forced to extend the initial comment deadline — a pretty unprecedented move.

Today, I can tell you with confidence that we didn't just break the site; we broke the record: The FCC has never received this many comments on a proposed rulemaking.

Millions of people have commented. And the vast majority have urged FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to abandon his flawed plan and put in place a Net Neutrality rule that truly protects free speech and innovation.

We've won round one. Now the hard work begins:

Support the Free Press Action Fund's Plan to Save the Internet with a Donation of $10 (or more!) today.

Wheeler's proposed rules for protecting the open Internet fall so spectacularly short that all of the major phone and cable companies are lobbying Washington to support them.1

We need to beat back these lobbyists before the agency holds its final vote on Net Neutrality by the end of the year.

With your help, Free Press plans to drive millions more public comments by the FCC's final deadline, organize Net Neutrality rallies around the country, spread our message through the press, meet with dozens of members of Congress, and build one of the largest, most creative and diverse coalitions in the history of media activism.

Be Part of the Battle to Save the Internet. Support the Free Press Action Fund.

Public awareness about the open Internet has reached a new peak. Our challenge is to turn awareness into public pressure for real change.

With your help we can do this and protect the open Internet forever.

Thanks for your support—

Tim, Candace, Carrie and the rest of the Free Press Action Fund team
Free Press Action Fund

P.S. We've got momentum on our side. Help us win this one with a donation of $10 (or more!) today. Thank you!

1. Mike Masnick, "All the Big Broadband Players Support the FCC's Proposed Rules ... Which Says All You Need to Know," Techdirt, July 16, 2014: click here

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Since the cable companies want to be assholes about it why don't you just dump your cable provider. Why not,what is on cable these days anyway? Crap on MTV. More of the Kandashians. More of that crap. You're better off with the internet,you're better off embracing the internet for the freedoms it provides instead of watching what someone else decided you can watch on cable. Cable is old and a waste of money. When I got rid of cable I couldn't believe how much money I was saving. So if the cable companies are going to be assholes about it fuck them and dump them. They are not worth it.

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