Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tell Congress not to give Obama the money for immigration lawyers

From Tea Party Patriots:

Congress is about to vote on a bill to give Barack Obama nearly $4 billion to care for all the illegal aliens pouring across our southern border.

Please sign the emergency "No Funding for Illegal Aliens" petition right now. Congress could vote on this proposal at any time.

Then, please forward this email to everyone you know. We must overwhelm Congress with petitions, and we must do it FAST!

This massive spending bill will help Obama resettle these illegal immigrants in America.
It will use YOUR tax money to pay for immigration lawyers for these trespassers.
It will provide food, clothing, and transportation for thousands and thousands of illegals.
This is an insane proposal that undermines American sovereignty and will ruin our economy.
Please sign your petition now, and ask everyone you know to do the same.
Barack Obama has no intention at all of ever sending these illegal immigrants back home.
That's why he's lobbying hard for this $4 billion.
Liberal Republican Lindsey Graham is already campaigning to give Obama this money. He recently declared, "I think we need to go ahead and allocate the resources because this is not a good situation."
This measure will pass unless ordinary Americans fight back - NOW.
Traditionally conservative politicians are terrified of voting against this proposal. They don't want to seem mean by voting against "children."
That's why these petitions are so incredibly important. We have to overcome the liberal media, pro-illegal alien big businesses and the open-borders lobby.
They are all fighting hard to get Obama this money.
Just click here to sign your petition. And then, please, please forward this email to everyone you know. This is an emergency.
Obama's plan is to use this giant slush fund to pay for immigration lawyers and to find local "sponsors" for all these illegals.
Many of these people have contagious diseases. Others are gang members.
Still others are children whose parents sent them to America because of Obama's "DREAM Act" executive order.
This is a disaster. And giving Obama $4 billion to play with will certainly make it even worse!!
America's taxpayers can't afford to reward this bad behavior a moment longer. The only thing left to give these people is a one-way ticket back to their home countries.
That's what we need to tell Congress: Stand firm. Vote NO on this $4 billion slush fund. And send these illegals home.
Please sign your petition immediately. As I said, Congress could vote on this "emergency spending bill" at any time.
Obama truly believes he can run right over the Republicans in Congress. He believes he can shame them into giving him this money.
Ordinary Americans must take a stand against this insanity. NOW.
Please go here to sign your petition. And don't forget to forward this email to everyone you know.
We must swamp Congress with petitions!
Thank you in advance for all your help.

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