Thursday, July 10, 2014

Play time for terrorists

If I were a terrorist I would strike on the southern border with Mexico. With all these children coming across at Barrack Obama's invitation it is an excellent distraction from what else is happening. According to tonight's Hannity a lot of muslims are pouring across our southern border as well. That would mean either Al Qadea or ISIS is coming across the border. Remember this is the same ISIS that is currently trying to bomb Israel out of existence and they have made it no secret that they are coming after us. Now add on top of that the United States has a southern neighbor,Mexico,that has no respect for our country. They show this by imprisoning our Marine,Andrew Tahmooressi,when it has been shown that he entered Mexico unknowingly and was cooperative with Mexican authorities. Now add to that Obama is discharging people from the military while demanding money for the illegal aliens pouring across our border. No military to defend the country,a system overworked by a ever expanding growth in illegal aliens and an infrustructure about to collapse. On the rest of the world,North Korea is getting brave and our allies are wondering if we can lead or not. America's enemies are embolden while America's allies are worried. Yes,I would say this is the time to strike and strike hard. I'm probably not the only one to see this but the only difference is I'm being hypothetical while they may actually implement it.

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