Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fire Harry Reid

From RandPAC:


That was the headline in a recent New York Times column dripping with excitement about the fact that election year 2014 is still too close to call, stating:

"The anti-Democratic wave might still arrive . . . [but] the promised Republican momentum has yet to materialize."

I know the New York Times has never been a friend to those of us who believe in liberty and limited government.

But make no mistake.

This is crunch time. Right now, campaigns all over the country are reaching a fever pitch. Polls in many of the most critical races show a dead heat.

If you and I want to finally put a stop to President Obama’s "remaking America," it must happen NOW.

As you’ll see, I’ve included a special RANDPAC "Harry Reid Pink Slip." Won’t you please sign it IMMEDIATELY?

With your help, my hope is that RANDPAC will finally counter the Democrats’ smear machine and fire Harry Reid as U.S. Senate Majority Leader.

After all, Democrats know they can’t run on their DISASTROUS Big Government record, which includes:

*** Hiking our national debt to nearly $17.6 TRILLION – which puts each U.S. taxpayer on the hook for $151,000! And that’s over and above the already stifling tax rates hardworking Americans are forced to pay every year!

*** Refusing to lift a finger to stop ObamaCare’s disastrous effect on American citizens’ lives as health plans are cancelled, insurance premiums skyrocket, businesses shut their doors and workers see their hours cut or jobs eliminated.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are getting bilked for an additional $2.6 TRILLION we simply don’t have and still tens of millions of Americans are still left uninsured!

*** Assaulting our most basic constitutional freedoms, including our Second Amendment rights, and flat-out refusing to stand up to the NSA’s spying on innocent American citizens’ phone calls, emails and Internet activity. Is it any wonder why President Obama’s approval numbers are in the basement?

In fact, one recent poll showed Americans view him as the worst president in modern history!

Sadly, I’m afraid none of that will matter if you and I aren’t willing to fight.

Knowing they’re unable to run on their records, Democrats are going to resort to lies and SMEARS about Republican candidates – using everything from class warfare to phony "war on women" scare tactics.

Special interests who depend on their crony capitalist government connections to turn a "profit" – and want to see the bailouts, "stimulus packages" and sweetheart deals continue – are doing everything they can to ensure Harry Reid remains Senate Majority Leader for the last two years of the Obama presidency.

Meanwhile, I’m afraid the national media will continue to look the other way while Obama administration allies make ridiculous claims like "ObamaCare is working," or the IRS just "lost" emails targeting pro-limited government organizations or "the border is under control."

That’s why it’s up to you and me to fight back with everything we have.

I’m committed to stopping President Obama’s Big Government, tax-and-spend agenda.

Today, I believe the best way to do that is to hand Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a pink slip.

I believe it’s up to you and me to elect a new principled Republican Senate Majority – one committed to fighting for our limited government beliefs – this November.

If you agree, please sign your "Harry Reid Pink Slip" right away.

Your signed "Pink Slip" will let me know you support RANDPAC’s critical efforts to fire Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader this election year.

And if you can, please chip in a contribution at once.

Even as I write you, RANDPAC staff is already busy putting the finishing touches on an all-out election year campaign I’d like to launch in the next few weeks, including:

>>> A hard-hitting mail and email mobilization effort in critical open-seat contests like Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and West Virginia. Open-seat contests are always volatile, and polls show many could go either way;

>>> Running Internet ads and working with local media to expose the radical views of Democrat candidates challenging sitting Republican senators in states like Kentucky;

>>> Cutting TV ads calling Democrat incumbents to the carpet for their pro-ObamaCare, pro-gun control, pro-big spending records in toss-up states like Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina and Virginia;

>>>> Paying for a last-minute campaign blitz, where I’ll criss-cross the country, personally traveling to toss-up states to help with Get-Out-The-Vote efforts for Republican Senate candidates.

This plan is incredibly ambitious, I know.

But I can only imagine what could happen if the New York Times is somehow right and our "Republican wave" is over.

Next year, President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats will be more emboldened than ever to push any number of outrageous schemes.

That means more spending, higher taxes, gun control and perhaps new Big Government boondoggles like Cap and Tax.

It’s up to you and me to stand up and stop this madness NOW!

If you agree, please sign Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s "Pink Slip" right away.

But please don’t stop there.

If you possibly can, please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 right away.

As I mentioned, RANDPAC staff is now putting the finishing touches on our campaign plan for this fall. But the best-laid plans in the world are nothing more than words on paper without the money to put them into action.

So I’m counting on your action to help make 2014 a year to remember.

If you agree, please chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 right away.

Your support could make all the difference.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - KY)

P.S. Right now, campaigns all over the country are reaching a fever pitch. Polls in many of the most critical races show a dead heat.

Some are saying the idea of a Republican “wave election” like 2010 is all but dead!

I think they’re wrong. But I must be able to count on your support right away.

As you’ll see, I’ve included a special "Harry Reid Pink Slip." Please sign it right away and chip in a contribution of $10 or $20 to help me put RANDPAC’s election-year programs into action!

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