Friday, August 8, 2014

Preserve the Fourth Amendment

From RandPAC:

I stood on the Senate floor for almost 13 hours filibustering John Brennan's nomination to be Director of the CIA.

And I also voted against his confirmation.

In light of the disturbing new revelations that John Brennan didn't tell the truth when he stated that the CIA never spied on the Senate, it's time for heads to roll.

You see, a new inspector general's report details how the CIA snooped around the computers of Senate staffers in a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment.

It’s illegal for the CIA to spy on Americans.

Director Brennan should dismiss those who broke the law and he should be relieved of his post.

But Congress should not rest until the Fourth Amendment is defended just as fiercely as the First or Second Amendment.

President Obama's administration has a sorry history of treating our rights -- against unreasonable search and seizure -- as a doormat.

Last year we learned about the NSA's warrantless spying program that mined through our phone calls and emails.

And now we learn the CIA trained its "watchful eye" on the Senate.

The Obama administration has flown off the hinges in their blatant disregard for basic Constitutional protections.

But holding John Brennan accountable for an administration that wipes their feet all over the Fourth Amendment isn't enough.

That's why I hope you'll stand with me in this fight by signing your "Fourth Amendment Protection Act" petition right away.

This bill will prevent the government from sifting through the emails of American citizens and require them to obtain a warrant before searching the data of specific terrorist suspects.

America needs a Congress that will defend the bill of rights.

Help RANDPAC elect constitutional conservatives this November who will fight to restore the rule of law by adding your voice today.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - KY)

P.S. CIA Director John Brennan failed to tell the truth when he claimed the CIA wasn't spying on the Senate.

It's time for him to be relieved of his post.

But holding Director Brennan accountable won't restore our Fourth Amendment rights.

Please sign your "Fourth Amendment Protection Act" petition and help RANDPAC elect constitutional conservatives this November who will defend the rule of law.

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