Sunday, August 10, 2014

Senator Rand Paul: the Democrats number one enemy

From RandPAC:

They've painted a bulls-eye on my back.

This past week, the Democratic National Committee fired out TEN press releases attacking me.

In fact, one news outlet labeled me as the Democrats #1 enemy.

It's not hard to figure out why.

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed 64% of Americans are dissatisfied with our role in the world and 62% are fed up with the state of the economy.

President Obama's failed foreign policy created a jihadist wonderland in Iraq and Libya and has left our ally Israel uncertain of America's commitment.

The ObamaCare rollout -- this socialized medicine scheme -- was a debacle and is every bit the job-killing disaster I predicted.

And President Obama's tax-borrow-print-and-spend economic policies ballooned our debt to over $17 trillion and grounded economic recovery to a halt.

But my message of limited government, respect for the Bill of Rights and a strong American foreign policy that draws power from a wise deployment of American military might is catching fire.

So I'm not surprised the left is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at me ahead of the midterm elections.

Harry Reid's position as Senate Majority Leader teeters on the verge of slipping away.

And the first step to changing America is changing leadership in the Senate.

The Democrats can fire as many attacks at me as they want.

The more attacks they launch my way, the more they betray their desperation as the liberty movement gathers steam.

The American public is poised to reject President Obama's disastrous policies both at home and abroad.

So I hope you'll join RANDPAC in fighting to elect constitutional conservatives this November by signing your "Statement of Republican Principles" right away.

Only by taking action can conservatives convert a favorable political environment into results this November.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - KY)

P.S. One news outlet dubbed me "the Democrats #1 Enemy"

Last week they blasted out TEN press releases attacking me for campaigning for our conservative values.

Please sign your "Statement of Republican Principles" and join RANDPAC in fighting to elect constitutional conservatives in November.

The Democrats can add me to their shitlist too becausing I'm endorsing Senator Paul. I hope he is the biggest thorn in Hillary's side reminding her of the responsibilities of the job she neglected,how she tries to avoid accountability and the men she left to die in Benghazi. Senator Paul has grilled her on these questions so we all know he is not afraid of her. Let's show we are beind Senator Paul by signing that petition today. The best way to keep Hillary out of the Whitehouse is to Stop Hillary now.

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