Monday, August 4, 2014

Help repeal Obamacare

From RandPAC:

Recently, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the ObamaCare subsidies in the 36 states with federally run exchanges were unconstitutional.

You see, in their mad rush to ram ObamaCare through Congress, the Democrats wrote the law in such a way that declares only individuals living in states that set up state-run exchanges are eligible for subsidies.

While this decision could puncture a hole in ObamaCare that sinks the law, this case could very well end up before the Supreme Court.

But the Supreme Court has proven an uncertain ally in this fight.

While they correctly ruled the contraception mandate violated the religious freedom protections enshrined in the First Amendment, the court famously reimagined the individual mandate as a tax.

I'm not counting on the Supreme Court.

They were wrong to uphold the individual mandate.

The whole law is 100% unconstitutional and needs to be repealed 100%.

Every. Last. Word.

You and I can't count on judges to stop the ObamaCare train wreck.

The most powerful weapon in the fight to repeal ObamaCare is a mobilized conservative base.

If you want to get rid of ObamaCare, conservatives have to fire Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

There are fewer than 100 days remaining until the midterms and it's up to conservatives to convert this political environment into victory.

And that means turning this election into a referendum on the ObamaCare debacle and electing constitutional conservatives 100% dedicated to repealing every word of ObamaCare.

So please sign your "Repeal ObamaCare" petition and help RANDPAC mobilize Americans who are FED UP with this job-killing, unconstitutional debacle.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - KY)

P.S. If Democrats don't pay a price in November 2014, I'm afraid ObamaCare will become even more cemented in federal law. But if Republicans campaign loudly and clearly against this horrific healthcare scheme and triumph this November, I believe ObamaCare's days will be numbered.

But I need your help today to ensure our Republican Party stays 100% committed to wiping ObamaCare off the books!

So please sign your "Repeal ObamaCare" petition right away and help RANDPAC mobilize Americans who are FED UP with this job-killing, unconstitutional debacle.

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