Monday, August 4, 2014

The political football called "marijuana legalization"

The topic of marijuana legalization is a very controversial one. There are political dinosaurs like Bill O'Reilly that seek to keep the status quo even though the drug war is a failed one. O'Reilly's status quo is going to keep sending money to drug kingpins by keeping marijuana illegal. Not only that the quality and purity of the marijuana is in question. If it is tainted with some adulterant then it may have an negative impact versus the purity that is found in medical and recreation marijuana where allowed by law. This is a big issue and politicians need to throw out the 80's war on drugs manual. There are a lot of Republicans that want to appear "tough on drugs" by opposing legalization. That is political suicide because a lot of Democrats favor legalization and that will help them in November. Obamacare is a fiasco and the Dems needs something that is going to make them appealing to voters again. Enter marijuana legalization. If it is not the soap to wash Obamacare off it is the paper correction fluid that could whiteout Obamacare. Not all Democrats favor legalization. Senator Diane Feinstein(D-CA) is against legalization and they may politically hurt those that oppose it down the road. There are also Republicans that favor legalization like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher(R-CA). The booming sales of recreational marijuana in Colorado and soon Washington State will show the rest of the nation that marijuana legalization is not only beneficial it is imperative if we are going to stop organized crime and the resulting chaos that goes along with it.

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