Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sign the statement to oppose Harry Reid

From RandPAC:

As this Congress skipped out of town for August recess, it has been blasted as a "Do Nothing Congress."

While I strongly believe in a limited role for government that resides within the bounds of the Constitution, Congress does have a duty to pass legislation that maximizes freedom and prosperity and strengthens our national defense.

Harry Reid doesn't seem to share that view.

He's blocking three of my bills that would have helped Americans by limiting government at home and standing by our allies abroad.

At a time when Americans are scratching and clawing to merely keep their heads above water due to President Obama's failed economic policies, my Audit the Fed bill and National Right to Work Acts would help create an economy where all could prosper.

President Obama's print-borrow-tax-and-spend policies are enabled by the unaccountable Federal Reserve.

Opening up their books for an audit would allow all Americans to see exactly how the Federal Reserve manipulates our money supply, destroys the purchasing power of the dollar and props up Big Government deficit spending.

If you want to stop Obama, you have to stop the Fed.

And passing a National Right to Work Act would unshackle our economy from union boss control.

Instead of lining the coffers of Big Labor with forced union dues, workers would keep their own money and be free to spend it how they see fit.

Our economy should create the conditions for everyday Americans, and not special interests like Big Labor, to prosper.

In world affairs, if America sounds an uncertain trumpet, our friends won't know we stand with them and our enemies won't fear us.

That's why I proposed the Stand with Israel Act.

This legislation will cut off the flow of taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority government as long as they are aligned with the terrorist organization Hamas.

No one should question Israel's right to self-defense.

And not one penny of your money should flow to terrorists who attack Israel and refuse to recognize its right to exist.

But all of these vital pieces of legislation have one thing in common…

…They are stalled in Harry Reid's Senate.

This upcoming election is crucial for conservatives.

If we want to set our economy on a path for prosperity for all and reassert American leadership abroad, conservatives must remove Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

So I hope you'll stand with RANDPAC in the fight to elect Constitutional Conservatives this November by signing your "Statement of Republican Principles" right away.

Only a committed conservative movement will provide the energy and enthusiasm to end Harry Reid's reign as Senate Majority Leader.

Thank you for all that you do.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul (R - KY)

P.S. Harry Reid is the one man standing in the way of the Senate passing conservative legislation to undo President Obama's train wreck.

But only a committed conservative movement will remove him as Majority Leader and pave the way for a change of course.

Please sign your "Statement of Republican Principles" and join RANDPAC in fighting to elect constitutional conservatives in November.

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