Saturday, August 30, 2014

Turn up the heat on audit the fed,national internet tax mandate

From Campaign For Liberty:

I’m nervous. . .

Shortly before the House adjourned for the August recess, Campaign for Liberty received word that House Leadership was planning to schedule a roll call vote on Audit the Fed in September.

Yet we are hearing from Capitol Hill sources that House Leadership may cut short the already limited number of days they will spend in D.C. this September, so they will look to rush through their remaining agenda.

I’m nervous because, with a suddenly shifting schedule, we could have only a day or two’s notice before the vote happens!

So C4L must be able to instantly place intense heat on wavering representatives in key House districts through email, Facebook and Google ads, and more to make sure this vote is as successful – or even stronger – than our 2012 results.

And if we win again in the House, we need to immediately use the victory to turn up the heat on Harry Reid’s vulnerable Senate cronies, who are facing difficult elections, and force them to publicly choose between Reid, the special interests, and the banksters, or the nearly 75% of Americans who support Audit the Fed.

In order to take such quick action, Campaign for Liberty must have the necessary funds ready to draw on right away.

And right now, we simply do not have those funds.

Will you please make a special emergency contribution of $30, $20, or $10 to help us have the resources to implement a full rapid response plan at literally a moment’s notice?

I know I’ve asked a lot from you this year, but we can’t afford to lose our best opportunity to not only once again pass Audit the Fed through the House but finally force Harry Reid to act.

With public discontent growing over ObamaCare, continuing high unemployment, and skyrocketing grocery prices, the last thing Reid’s vulnerable Senate cronies need is attention focused on how they are helping him block efforts to bring transparency to the institution responsible for so many of America’s economic problems: the Federal Reserve.

But unless we have the resources to quickly maximize pressure on the Senate if Audit the Fed passes the House, those senators may not feel enough heat to abandon Reid and the banksters!

So please support our rapid response efforts with your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10.

Audit the Fed is not the only issue that C4L must be prepared to fight on at a moment’s notice in September.

The coalition of powerful special interests and big-spending, tax-hungry politicians has not yet given up plans to sneak the National Internet Tax Mandate through Congress, including by attaching it to the moratorium on Internet access taxes.

The Senate could vote on attaching the National Internet Tax Mandate to the moratorium bill at any time next month, and if it passes there, we may only have hours to stop it in the House.

In addition, there is a strong possibility that Harry Reid will cut a deal with House Leadership to ram through a “Continuing Resolution” increasing government spending on programs including ObamaCare.

There are also reports that the Continuing Resolution may even include an extension of the Export-Import Bank.

Like Audit the Fed and the Internet Tax Mandate, the Continuing Resolution fight could be a very quick one, requiring us to have to immediately spring into action.

But right now, we do not have the funds to do everything needed in even one of these battles, much less all three.

So please support our efforts with a special contribution of $30, if you can today.

Having the resources right on hand is critical to ensure we accomplish our goals this fall, so if $30 is too much, can I count on you for a contribution of $20 or even $10?

We also want to ensure our 2014 Candidate Survey Program can run at full strength so the public can know where their candidates stand on key liberty issues.

A successful survey program is key to building on our successes in 2015 and beyond.

But if we are forced to drain our bank accounts to pass Audit the Fed, block the National Internet Tax Mandate, and stop the GOP leadership from once again caving to President Obama and Senator Reid, we will not be able to run our survey program at maximum capacity.

As you can see, the next month presents us with both challenges and opportunities to advance our agenda.

Unless we are prepared to take advantage of our upcoming window, however, the statists could succeed in not just continuing to block Audit the Fed but also in tightening control over the Internet and once again increasing spending and debt.

Please help Campaign for Liberty fight back with your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10 today.

Thank you for standing with us!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. This September, Campaign for Liberty must be prepared to act on a moment’s notice on Audit the Fed, the National Internet Tax Mandate, and more.

If we can win on Audit the Fed again in the House, we need to immediately turn up the pressure on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his cronies to finally hold a Senate roll call vote.

But right now, we simply do not have the funds to do everything necessary on Audit the Fed, especially if we have to also fight other emergency battles in what could be a rushed congressional session.

So please help us ensure Campaign for Liberty can successfully advance Audit the Fed while beating back any last-minute attempt to expand government by making your most generous contribution of $30, $20, or $10 today!

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