Monday, August 4, 2014

The "unthinkable" is happening

From Campaign For Liberty:

As recently as a few years ago, the idea that a tax-and-regulatory scheme favored by powerful special interests and revenue-hungry governors would have any problem sailing through both houses of Congress was considered as absurd as the idea that Congress would ever take action to roll back the surveillance state or act on legislation to audit the Fed.

But today, what was once considered “unthinkable” is happening!

Just two weeks ago, Campaign for Liberty members helped force Harry Reid to delay voting on a scheme to add the National Internet Tax Mandate to legislation prohibiting Internet access taxes.

We are now hearing that Reid may delay considering the bill until September - or even until the “lame duck.” We are also getting indications that Reid may actually be considering passing a clean Internet access tax bill!

And earlier this summer, Representative Thomas Massie successfully attached an amendment to the Defense Appropriations bill forbidding the National Security Agency (NSA) from using taxpayer dollars to spy on our Internet usage!

The same week Campaign for Liberty led the fight to foil the latest scheme to ram the National Internet Tax Mandate into law, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform passed Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill (H.R. 24)!

The full House is expected to vote on the bill in September, giving us the opportunity to force Harry Reid to finally allow a roll-call vote in the Senate.

These recent victories show that those who thought our liberty rEVOLUtion would go away after the 2012 election could not have been more wrong! Our movement is only growing in size and effectiveness.

And as long as C4L members like you remain active, we will continue to accomplish great things for liberty in the next few years.

There is no better way to celebrate our accomplishments while planning the next steps in our r3VOLution than attending LPAC 2014!

You can register for LPAC 2014 here.

LPAC 2014 will feature great speakers such as C4L Chairman Ron Paul, Senator Rand Paul, Representative Thomas Massie, Representative Justin Amash, Senator Ted Cruz, WWE superstar and noted writer/speaker Glenn Jacobs, author Bill Kauffman, leading political reporters Tim Carney and James Antle, American Conservative editor Dan McCarthy, and former Ron Paul 2012 blogger Jack Hunter.

This all-star lineup will provide insight on how to build on our victories and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the growing support for our ideas in order to roll back Big Government.

LPAC 2014 attendees will also learn firsthand how to be more effective in advancing liberty and fighting statists from some of the liberty movement’s most successful activists!

You will also have the opportunity to meet, socialize, and strategize with fellow Campaign for Liberty members and leaders.

At LPAC 2014, you will learn how to maximize your impact for liberty – and have a great time doing it!

So make your plans today to attend LPAC 2014 and help us take the next step in our liberty r3VOLution.

If you’ve already bought your ticket(s), invite your family and friends to join you!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. In the last couple months, Campaign for Liberty has made significant progress toward passing Audit the Fed, stopping the National Internet Tax Mandate, and rolling back the Surveillance State.

The next few years will provide us with excellent opportunities to build on these victories if we continue to train to increase our effectiveness.

That’s one reason I am so excited about LPAC 2014.

At LPAC 2014, you will hear from some of the liberty movement’s leading elected officials, writers, and activists, and you will also learn how to increase your impact in fighting the statists on Capitol Hill, in your State Capitol, and at City Hall.

You can also meet, exchange ideas, and make plans with C4L leaders from across the nation.

Please help us lay the groundwork for the next step in our r3VOLution by joining us at LPAC 2014!

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