Friday, August 8, 2014

The unions are trying to sabotage right to work law in Michigan

From The National Right To Work Committee:

“This could be a game changer with HUGE national implications.”

I still remember those thoughts running through the back of my head as I watched the Michigan State Legislature vote to make Michigan America’s 24th Right to Work state in late 2012 . . .

After all, Michigan is the United Autoworkers’ (UAW) home turf!

The state has been considered Big Labor’s backyard for decades!

In 2012 it became America’s 24th Right to Work state.

That means no worker, private or public, can be forced to pay union dues or fees to get or keep a job.

But now, less than two years later, I’m concerned it could all go up in smoke.

You see, the union bosses are going all-out to DESTROY Michigan’s Right to Work Law this election year.

And without your action today, I’m afraid they just may succeed.

I’ll explain the stakes in this fight could not be any higher . . .

That’s why I’ve just recently set up the Emergency Michigan Right to Work Defense Fund.

And I must ask for your most generous support IMMEDIATELY.

You see, passage of any state Right to Work Law anywhere in the country is always a big cause for celebration.

But Michigan is different . . .

For decades Big Labor ruled Michigan with an iron fist.

And those forced union dues -- stripped from the paychecks of Michigan workers who would be fired if they didn’t pay -- funded a massive chunk of Big Labor’s multi-billion dollar NATIONAL political machine.

That’s right.

Forced dues extracted from Michigan workers not only helped union bosses keep a stranglehold on Lansing, but on Washington, D.C., as well.

Union bosses raided their forced-dues coffers to bankroll the elections and re-elections of union-label politicians like President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

I know you understand the steep price we’ve paid nationally for Big Labor’s forced-dues racket.

But just consider Michigan’s fall as a national economic power over the past few decades . . .

In 1960, Detroit was the richest per capita city in the United States as manufacturing drove a booming statewide economy.

But when much of the nation was experiencing an economic boom after the recession in the early 2000's, Michigan was mired in a notorious “lost decade,” shedding over 840,000 jobs!

Those lost jobs, fleeing citizens and union-label politicians’ outrageous policies all finally culminated in the City of Detroit being forced to declare bankruptcy.

The good news is, the people of Michigan finally had enough!

And since passing Right to Work -- which simply states that no Michigan worker can be forced to financially support a union as a condition of employment -- Michigan has seen a massive economic turnaround including:

***Catapulting to second in the nation in manufacturing job creation – just behind Indiana, which passed a Right to Work law in February 2012;

***An unemployment rate lower than at any time in the past five years as the number of unemployed Michiganders has dropped by 30% since 2010;

***Surging to ninth in the nation in per capita income growth! All this has the union bosses steaming mad.

After all, the union bosses know that as more Americans see the economic benefits of Right to Work, the more momentum it creates for passage of a National Right to Work Law!

But since nearly 80% of Americans already oppose forced unionism, the union bosses also know the real key to keeping and expanding political power is their ability to inflict pain at the ballot box.

That’s why the union bosses are gunning for Michigan with a massive two-part plan using everything they have in 2014.

Big Labor’s publically stated goal is take out as many pro-Right to Work Michigan state legislators at the ballot box as possible.

The union bosses know that as long as politicians fear a Big Labor-fueled backlash at the ballot box, they’ll cower at the thought of taking on the union bosses’ forced unionism power.

Should the union bosses fail, they know more and more state legislatures throughout the country will be emboldened to pass Right to Work.

Their forced-dues political empire could begin to crumble.

Their stranglehold on Washington, D.C. could begin to loosen.

That’s why Michigan is so important.

So won't you please consider making your most generous contribution of $25, $15, $5, or whatever you can afford right away.

Of course, because forced unionism is the law in all areas where the federal government has jurisdiction -- even in Right to Work states -- a National Right to Work Law is the ultimate solution to Big Labor’s forced dues racket.

But state Right to Work laws are a BIG deal. And, as I mentioned, Michigan’s is one of the BIGGEST.

That’s why I recently set up the Emergency Michigan Right to Work Defense Fund -- and why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE support.

The union bosses are going to resort to every political trick in the book to bring forced-union dues back to Michigan.

You and I have to be there ready to fight back every step of the way, including:

Paying for targeted mail and email to ensure Michigan citizens get the truth about how Right to Work has been an important and massive step forward;

Writing op-eds and conducting statewide media tours to dispel the outright LIES the union bosses WILL be spreading about Right to Work;

Running hard-hitting TV ads reminding citizens of the brutal days during Michigan’s “lost decade;”

Running a full-scale Candidate Survey Program to ensure every one of the union bosses’ radical hand-picked candidates are EXPOSED.

Of course, this all takes money.

And with the AFL-CIO pouring in $60 million, it’s going to take a lot to hold our own against Big Labor.

But really there is no choice. The stakes are just too high.

That’s why the Emergency Michigan Right to Work Defense Fund must be mobilized -- and why I’m counting on your most generous and IMMEDIATE support.

Won’t you please agree to your most generous gift of $25 right away?

I know that’s a lot.

But we simply must have all hands on deck.

But if $25 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $15 or at least $5?

Your generosity today could make a world of difference.

The national union bosses are going after Michigan’s Right to Work Law with everything they have.

You and I MUST fight back.

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $25, $15 or at least $5 TODAY!


Mark Mix

P.S. The truth is, the national union bosses are going after Michigan’s Right to Work Law with everything they have this election year.

The AFL-CIO recently pledged to spend up to $60 million this year in Michigan alone!

This fight has HUGE ramifications for Right to Work supporters all over the country, so it’s absolutely critical you help me fight back TODAY!

So won’t you please agree to your most generous contribution of $25, $15 or at least $5 IMMEDIATELY?

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