Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Senators,Congresspeople and Obama are on board to preserve Net Neutrality

From The Free Press Action Fund:

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is running out of excuses.

First millions of people — plus dozens of senators and hundreds of companies and organizations — contacted the FCC and urged the agency to scrap its proposal for a pay-to-play Internet. Then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke out and said he opposed any scheme that would harm the open Internet.

And on Tuesday, the president himself weighed in, expressing his strong support for Net Neutrality — and his opposition to the kind of paid prioritization Wheeler’s plan would allow.

“You don't want differentiation in how accessible the Internet is to different users,” he told a reporter. “You want to leave it open so the next Google and the next Facebook can succeed.”

Obama’s comments are a big deal — and they could make a real difference in the push to get Wheeler to drop his plan.

There’s no longer any doubt that Wheeler has the political backing — from the president, from Senate leadership, and from millions and millions of Americans — to abandon his current proposal and protect real Net Neutrality. And the only way to do that is to reclassify broadband access providers as common carriers.

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