Saturday, June 13, 2015

Keep Hillary out of the White House

From Stop Hillary PAC:

Today Hillary held the kickoff for her 2nd campaign for president...since she last ran in 2008 her resume has become frightening:

Secretary of State / 2009 to 2013 -- Responsible for death of 4 Americans in terror attack on embassy in Benghazi. Blamed youtube video after failing to take acton to prevent the attack.

Clinton Foundation / 2001 to Present -- Took hundreds of millions dollars in 'illegal' money from foreign governments while in office as Secretary of State.

Public Speaker / 2013 to April 2015 -- Lied about use of unsecured, private email server exclusively for work as Secretary of State. Also, took millions in speaking fees including from public universities.

These are not the credentials of a leader.

But Hillary Clinton is power-hungry, and as you can see from her resume above, she's determined to do what ever it takes to return to the White House.

There is not any time left. So, let me be blunt.

Hillary Clinton is running for President, and Stop Hillary PAC needs your support.

My friend, Stop Hillary PAC is the ONLY organization solely dedicated to end Hillary's political career.

Will you please make an emergency EXPRESS donation to end Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency?

Our fight against Hillary is real.

Our mission is to defeat Hillary and to it, I need your support. Together we will tell every American of her disastrous past and utter failure as a leader.

In 17 days, Hillary Clinton herself will be looking through our financial report to see if the American people will rise up against her run...or if we are going to accept the inevitable and just give her the presidency.

If we can file a strong report -- Hillary will know she's going to have to fight tooth-and-nail.

But if you ignore this email and set it aside -- Hillary will see a weak report and be encouraged in her campaign for the presidency.

Will you help?

Senator Harvey

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Bob M said...

People need to remember not only did Bill Clinton disrespect the Whitehouse, but remember when the Clintons left the Whitehouse? They destroyed it. Removed the (w's) from all the computers. Painted on the walls. Plus, the only reason I would ever want hillary back in the Whitehouse is to return all the shit she stole. She's a stealin, lying, nappy, old hag that has no respect for people, no respect for America, and no respect for the office her and her husband shat on. Now that's what I'm talking about...
Give em hell....