Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stop Hillary PAC defies FEC

From American Action News:

The Federal Election Commission, which is tasked with enforcing campaign finance law, has ordered the Stop Hillary PAC to cease incorporating Mrs. Clinton’s name in its own or face penalties. At issue is a federal rule barring independent groups from incorporating or using the name of a candidate for federal office in their own names. The rule is designed to protect voters from mistaking independent groups such as PACs and super PACs with official campaigns. Dan Backer, a lawyer for Stop Hillary, argues that the word “Stop” in the committee’s name already precludes any confusion and that no supporter of Mrs. Clinton would mistakenly send a donation to a group called “Stop Hillary.” “It is hard to fathom who exactly it is that is so lacking in basic concepts (perhaps not even knowing what the definition of ‘is’, is?) that to them the use of the verb ‘STOP’ immediately preceding the clear object to be stopped, ‘HILLARY’ demonstrates anything other than clear opposition to that object,” Mr. Backer wrote to the FEC on Thursday. - See more here

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