Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lesbians persecute Christians

From Public Advocate:

The criminalization of Christianity in America has taken another frightening step.

A church in Florida has just been fined nearly $30,000 for opposing the homosexual lifestyle.

All because their daycare center dared to call homosexuality a sin.

You see, two women -- Jaclyn Pfeiffer and Kelly Bardier -- went to work at Aloma United Methodist Church as individuals, not as a couple.

And they each signed an agreement they would abide by the Church's code of moral conduct -- which included stating that as single women they would remain celibate during their employment.

Aloma Reverend Jim Govatos explained, "We expect people to live in celibacy in singleness, faithfulness in marriage."

However, once on the job, Pfeiffer told other daycare staff that she and Bardier were in fact a sexually active "couple."

These two women blatantly lied when they signed their employment contract.

So their inevitable termination should have been an open and shut case, right?

Unfortunately, it's never that straightforward when the Homosexual Agenda is involved.

These homosexual employees claimed that the church discriminated against them when the daycare director explained that the church felt their sexual activity was wrong.

And when the church made it clear that their continued employment depended on the two women meeting the terms of their contracts, both women voluntarily quit.

Yet the church was forced to settle and pay these former employees $28,476.

All because the church exercised its 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Religion and Free Speech.

Their supposed "crime"? Supporting and expressing the Bible's teachings on the issue of homosexuality.

Public Advocate has been warning for decades that anti-discrimination legislation will ultimately be used to muzzle all pro-Family voices -- especially churches and pastors.

This church is now not allowed to exclude homosexuals from employment, despite the Christian view that these individuals are living in perversion.

Even worse, simply talking around a homosexual employee about the Bible's teachings now qualifies as active discrimination.

Had either of these women attended a Sunday Service, they could have just as easily been offended by a sermon on Biblical sexuality.

Which means that the precedent is being set that pastors can be sued over the Biblical content of their sermons.

I wish my predictions of all these years were not coming true, but the proof is undeniable.

Public Advocate has stood against the federal Gay Bill of Special Rights (which would establish these same restrictions across the country) for more than 30 years.

Most recently, we fought it tooth-and-nail while the Homosexual Lobby tried every trick in the book to ram it through the House of Representatives during the lame duck session after the November 2014 Congressional midterms.

Public Advocate also shot down an attempt to pass a state-level version in Michigan last fall.

But the Homosexual Lobby is determined to see it become law.

They've already gotten their crony President Obama to pass it as an illegal "Executive Order" on all businesses that contract with the federal government.

And they are looking for liberal-leaning Republicans to cut deals within the Senate and House right now.

We have to be as ready as possible when they launch their next attack.

So please, take just a minute to sign your copy of Public Advocate's petition against the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

Public Advocate is the only defender many Americans have from the Homosexual Lobby.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

P.S. So-called anti-discrimination laws are stripping pro-Family Americans, Christians and even churches of the right to oppose the Homosexual Agenda.

Please click here to sign your petition against the Gay Bill of Special Rights.

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