Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Support Rand Paul as he stands up to the statists

From Rand2016:

There are howls of rage across Washington.

I stood against President Obama and forced his illegal domestic spying program to expire and now the establishment is lining up against me.

But I came here to defend the Constitution.

And outside the beltway, Americans are demanding their government abide by the Bill of Rights.

Over 200,000 patriots stood with me against President Obama over the NSA's illegal spying program and our movement was able to earn a victory no one saw coming.

My campaign has prepared a new TV ad on my NSA showdown against President Obama.

Please take a few moments to watch the ad and help me get it in front of as many voters as possible in the key states by chipping in a contribution of $20.16?

The spy state apologists were FUMING after my ten-and-a-half-hour filibuster and repeated objections blocked them from rushing renewal of these illegal programs through Congress.

They were asking us to "trust" President Obama with the collection of our phone records.

Well after the revelations that the IRS was targeting tea party groups for harassment and the Director of National Intelligence lying to Congress about the existence of the NSA's illegal spying program "trust Obama" is out the window.

And these programs don't even work!

The FBI admitted the NSA's programs helped them crack exactly ZERO cases!

So I took a stand and I fought.

And I refused to give an inch.

The very heart of the Washington Machine's abuse of our liberties is President Obama's illegal NSA spying program.

And standing up for the Bill of Rights and demanding an end to illegal domestic spying is what Americans outside the beltway are crying out for.

That's why polls in states like Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania all show me leading Hillary Clinton in head-to-head matchups.

I'm the Republican best positioned to defeat her because I stand up to President Obama and the Washington Machine's illegal assaults on the Bill of Rights.

I need your help to spread this message far and wide.

So please chip in a contribution of $20.16 and help my campaign get this ad in front of as many voters as possible.

It was because true patriots across America stood with me that I was able to force President Obama's illegal NSA spying program to expire.

While this was an important first step toward ending illegal NSA spying once-and-for-all this fight will continue.

I'm pushing to make sure this week will end with President Obama barred from collecting our phone records.

So help me spread my message to as many voters as possible by chipping in contribution of $20.16 to get my campaign's new TV ad on the air in key states today!

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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