Friday, June 12, 2015

Net Neutrality is the law of the land....for now

From Demand Progress:

Today is a historic day: It’s the day that the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules officially go into effect.

As of today, Net Neutrality is the law of the land. No Internet slow lane. No pay-to-play prioritization. Just the glorious free and open Internet.

But ... and there’s always a but ... the fight is far from over.

Comcast and the other big cable companies have filed at least 10 lawsuits to overturn Net Neutrality. And now Congress is threatening to tie Net Neutrality to budget legislation, potentially risking a government shutdown if Comcast doesn’t get their way.1

Will you chip in $5 to help make sure we can defend the FCC’s historic Net Neutrality protections?

Comcast and their friends fought Net Neutrality right to the last minute. Just yesterday, a federal court REJECTED the telecommunications industry’s last-ditch request to block the Net Neutrality rules before they even went into effect.

But we've hired lawyers to intervene directly in these lawsuits in favor of Net Neutrality, and our team of campaigners is watch-dogging every threat to Net Neutrality that emerges in Congress.

This victory is more than a decade in the making. It’s a day many said would never come. But we’re here, and we can’t let them take it away.

Chip in $5 to help make sure we can defend the FCC's historic Net Neutrality protections.

Thanks for standing with us.


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