Monday, June 1, 2015

Victory in the Senate

From Campaign For Liberty:

Four years ago my son Rand launched an all-out assault on the NSA's unconstitutional surveillance program during a “Patriot” Act reauthorization fight.

His efforts were bolstered two years ago with Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s domestic surveillance programs.

And because of your support, today those efforts paid off - and authority for the NSA's illegal spying program will expire tonight at midnight.

This is perhaps one of the greatest victories in my entire political career.

Tonight's victory, however short-lived it may ultimately be, gives me great hope about the future of liberty in this country.

If there's one thing the statists now know for sure - it's that our R3VOLUTION is alive and well - and stronger than ever.

But the surveillance statists are currently regrouping - and tomorrow they'll be back working to water-down the USA FREEDOM Act further to continue the NSA’s lawlessness.

It’ll be up to you and me to demand better than what we’re being asked to settle for.

Regardless of the outcome, the fact that you and I are here is something to be proud of.

My staff is scrambling tonight to better understand exactly what to expect tomorrow and the remainder of the week.

So please stay tuned for an important update tomorrow.

This fight is far from over. And I need you to keep your heels dug in and continue fighting.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

I watched this on CSPAN2 and let me tell you Senator John McCain is one fucked up son of a bitch. He wouldn't yield the floor to Senator Rand Paul and Senator Chuck Grassley presiding wasn't much better. Fortunately Senator Rand Paul was able to take to the floor however the statists were talking amongst themselves so loud the speaker had to tell them to shut up three times. Rand Paul schooled these fools on the Constitution and that we can have security and not trample on the civil liberties of the people. Rand Paul and most of all We The People prevailed today. It is literally Senator Rand Paul and We The People versus the rest of the Senate. Maybe Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Martin Heinrich were exceptions but that is it. In Rand Paul's corner is the Constitution and very large group of angry protesters that let the statists know that we will back Senator Rand Paul all the way. I'm sure the statists noticed them considering they were outside the Senate so they had to see them on the way in. I'm sure that served as a wake up call.

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