Thursday, June 18, 2015

Senator Rand Paul lead Hillary in the polls

From Rand2016:

Another day and another new poll proves I'm the Republican best positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton.

A just released Quinnipiac poll shows me leading her in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

This is their second poll that shows me leading her in a head-to-head matchup in a state Republicans haven't carried in a generation.

And it backs up a recent poll where I led Hillary in Ohio that demonstrates my stand against the Washington Machine is our party's path to victory in 2016.

Will you help me spread the message I am the Republican best positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton to the voters in the key early caucus and primary states by chipping in a contribution of $20.16 today?

For months now, media "experts" have spouted off predictions that the 2016 contest will be a showdown between two candidates with yesterday's last names pushing yesterday's failed Big Government policies.

But the polls tell a different story.

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll showed Hillary Clinton's favorability ratings sinking.

The only candidate who did worse was the Republican establishment's "can't lose" candidate.


That same poll showed me tied for first with Republican primary voters.

And polls in must-win states like Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have me leading Hillary in head-to-head matchups.

Since my first day as a candidate for President, I have met voters across the country demanding an end to the business as usual status-quo.

This election isn't about managing Big Government or whose turn it is.

The American people are hungering for a candidate who will announce on day one in office that Big Government's days are numbered.

And my plan to defeat the Washington Machine doesn't make me very popular with the establishment in Washington.

But that's ok.

Voters are responding to my plan to defeat the Washington Machine by:

>> REPEALING ObamaCare 100%;

>> SLASHING taxes for every American to get our economy moving and put the federal government on a diet;

>> TACKLING our out-of-control $18 trillion debt by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment;

>> MAKING Congress read the bills they scheme to ram into law;

>> ENDING the reign of career politicians with term limits.

I'm serious about changing Washington, and my ten-and-a-half–hour filibuster that forced President Obama's illegal NSA spying to expire proved my commitment.

Running the same old candidates and supporting the same old failed policies will only guarantee the same result in states like Pennsylvania.

But my message of defending the Bill of Rights and taking down the Washington Machine is a message that can win a state Republicans haven't won in a generation.

So please help me spread the message I am the Republican best positioned to defeat Hillary Clinton by chipping in a contribution of $20.16 today!

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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