Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gays bully children

From Public Advocate:

"Why is Karen now a boy?"

That's the question parents are going to have to explain to their children who attend the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas.

You see, two male homosexual "parents" adopted a six-year-old little girl who is claiming to be a boy because of them.

The radical parents had the little girl's hair cut, dressed her in little boy clothes and demanded employees and classmates at the school call their daughter-in-disguise a boy's name.

So the little girl's daycare teachers were told by administration to call the girl by a boy's name -- and to force her classmates to do the same.

But two daycare workers knew the damage this would do to the rest of the kids in the classroom.

Knowing how crazy and unacceptable it is to explain transgenderism to innocent six-year-olds, the Christian childcare workers knew what they had to do.

They refused to indoctrinate the innocent children into accepting the radical transgender agenda of the Left.

And they were immediately fired as a result of their beliefs.

One of the workers, Madeline Kirksey, simply stated, "I don't think we should be talking to other people's children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender."

Kirksey even received recent praise by administrators for diligent work at her job.

It was only after she rightfully told her class not to call the little girl by a boy's name and not to call the little girl a boy, that the school wrote her up and fired her.

She believes she and her fellow coworker were fired on false infractions because they chose to protect the innocent children from transgender brainwashing.

Kirksey believes the two male homosexual "parents" of the girl are forcing her to act like a boy because the six-year-old is inconsistent.

She said sometimes the girl refers to herself as a boy and sometimes she doesn't want the other children to call her a boy.

That's why the former daycare worker informed Child Protective Services that the little girl is being told she is a little boy.

The gender insanity continues to spread across the nation.

Innocent children are being indoctrinated to question their real gender.

And any adult who dares to stand up to the radical Homosexual Lobby's latest social experiment is being bullied into silence.

Some, like Kirksey, are even being fired for standing up to the radical activists.

Unless everyday Americans like you and me also stand up, I'm afraid this will be the new "normal" in every school in the nation.

That's why I hope you sign your statement against Gender Insanity right away.

After you sign your statement, please consider chipping in $10 or $25 to help Public Advocate recruit and sound the alarm against the rise of gender insanity.

Thank you for all that you do to help Public Advocate protect Traditional Values and common sense policies.


Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. After two homosexual men cut the hair of their adopted six-year-old girl, made her wear boy's clothes and told others to call her "John," they demanded her classmates call her a boy.

And her two daycare workers were fired for protecting innocent children by refusing to submit them to transgender indoctrination.

Click here to sign your statement against Gender Insanity right away and help Public Advocate expose this radical agenda by chipping in $10 or $25.

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