Wednesday, November 18, 2015

If you make a political contribution the IRS wants your social security number

From Freedom Works:

Right now, Obama and his corrupt IRS are proposing a regulation that would require you to give up your social security number when you donate to the causes you believe in. This regulation makes it easier for Obama and the IRS to target conservatives like you and me! We already know they're capable of it, the Lois Lerner IRS scandal confirms it. And now you've got a chance to stop it, before it begins. Send a message to Obama's corrupt IRS and tell them to keep your social security number private.

It's always been Obama's dream to have an America without conservatives. And this regulation is the first step to making Obama's dream a reality. And if we don't stop this, it could happen sooner than we ever thought possible. Send a message today and tell the IRS to keep your social security number private.

Let's keep freedom working, both now and in the future.

Adam Brandon

President & CEO, FreedomWorks

To keep the IRS honest I suggest you contact your Representative and Senators and let them know you are opposed to this latest stunt by the IRS. The more of us they hear from the better.

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