Friday, November 13, 2015

Laura Ingraham backs Rand Paul in questioning Marco Rubio's tax credit plan.

It looks like my work exposing Senator Rubio's outlandish spending plans during Tuesday night's Republican debate was only the beginning.

This morning, talk radio host Laura Ingraham tweeted the below:

Laura Ingraham Verified account 
‏@IngrahamAngle .@RandPaul: "I think @marcorubio tax credit plan will extend more tax credits to illegal aliens; there's no way we should support this."

The more the American people learn about Big Government candidates' plans, the more they agree they stink to high heaven. We need real tax reform like 14 percent flat tax plan -- not welfare disguised as "tax credits."

We need serous foreign policy. Not one that centers around just throwing money at our problems. We need to secure our borders, not the amnesty supported by Senator Rubio and Hillary Clinton. My grassroots driven campaign is about serious reforms designed to destroy the Washington machine, not keep it growing until it bankrupts every one of us.

Will you stand with me right away by making your most generous contribution of $50, $25 or even $10 right away?

In liberty,

Rand Paul

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