Thursday, November 5, 2015

On Chris Christie

I was watching Fox news tonight and they say Chris Christie is slipping in the polls. In fact on the next GOP debate on Fox Business Channel Christie is going to be sitting at the kiddie table along with the rest of the candidates with low poll numbers. Fortunately Rand Paul got enough votes to be on the main stage. Then they also show a month old video in which Christie discusses drug addiction. That is good and all but then Christie calls himself "pro-life",he states that he believes that life is valuable at all stages of life not just in the womb. Nice try,Governor but I'm not buying it. I remember you telling a desperate father,who's only concern was saving his child's life,that you would deny his child a medical marijuana CBD medicine that would cut down on the child's seizures. You chose to potentially sacrifice a child's life for some stupid law that was founded on racial bigotry (Harry J. Anslinger,whom helped make marijuana illegal at the federal level believed that blacks and hispanics shouldn't have access to marijuana because it would make them insane because Anslinger considered them to be degenerate races to begin with). Christie is talking about compassion for drug addicts. Fine,what about medical marijuana or a form of it to save a child's life. Christie has stated that if he becomes President he will sic the DEA on medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. He doesn't care about state law. He is going to close them down with the ruthlessness of a zealous federal prosecutor. I guess when Christie states he is "pro-life" he doesn't mean everybody. If you are a child in need of a CBD form of medical marijuana Christie will abort you.

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