Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Help defeat TPP

From Demand Progress:

The final text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was finally was released to the public yesterday, and it's every bit as awful as we feared—if not worse.1

Now the clock starts ticking on the 90-day window for President Obama to sign the deal, and we're launching a major push to stop this awful corporate giveaway. Will you help support our campaign?

Yes, I'll donate to help fund an emergency campaign to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

If ratified, the TPP will sneak in SOPA-like attacks on Internet freedom, overturn protections against Wall Street recklessness, and allow corporations to sue sovereign nations to overturn the decisions of democratically elected officials.2

But there is already a major bipartisan backlash to the deal, and if we act fast we have a real chance to stop it.

Already, several Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have come out against the deal.3 A powerful coalition of labor, environmental, and Internet freedom organizations are leading the charge.

But we don't have much time to build the grassroots movement we need to stop the TPP. The deal was completed behind closed doors in secret a full month ago. That means that corporations and their political allies have had a huge head start lobbying for the deal.

Will you help fund our emergency campaign to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The first thing we need to do is comb through the details of the final agreement to identify the most outrageous corporate giveaways and impacts on Internet users. The text is 30 chapters long and 2,700 pages, so that's no small task.

Then we'll need to launch a public education campaign, using our savvy social media strategies to get around the corporate media and warn voters directly.

The next 90 days will be a furious lobbying push, with corporations spending millions in favor of the TPP. It's going to take everything we have to stop it. Will you become a contributor?

Yes, I'll donate to help stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Thanks for standing with us.

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