Monday, November 9, 2015

Rand Paul compares Marco Rubio to Hillary Clinton

From Rand Paul 2016:

I sent a personal note this afternoon that seems to have gotten some attention.
The establishment was surprised that I compared Marco Rubio to Hillary Clinton.

Other candidates may want to talk about Marco Rubio’s use of the Florida Republican Party credit card. I think we should stay focused on the issues. And on the issues there are far too many similarities between Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton.

The fact is that Rubio teamed up with liberals on immigration. He worked with the Hillary wing of the Democratic party -- Senators Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid -- to introduce what has become a forgotten piece of terrible legislation: the “Gang of 8” amnesty bill.

The fact is that Rubio agrees with Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham on putting American boots on the ground in the Middle East, and other foreign policy issues including Obama and Hillary's destabilizing wars in Libya and Syria. He may use rhetoric that challenges her, but substantively they stand together.

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The media - including the debate moderators - haven’t held Rubio accountable for his past support for Amnesty, or compared his foreign policy positions to Hillary Clinton. But we are going to continue to hold him accountable. These issues matter to the American people, they matter to the cause of Liberty, and we are going to need to ‘paint with bold colors, not pale pastels’ if we intend to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.
I hope you will join me.
Are you with me?
In liberty,

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