Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There are a lot of similarities between Hillary Clinton and her GOP opponents

From Rand Paul 2016:

I was talking with my wife Kelley this morning and we were discussing the past week on the campaign trail, and the upcoming debate.

She thought I should send a note to my supporters with the same points that I was making to her. She thought you needed to hear it straight from me before before this critical debate. So I penned this note this afternoon and wanted to get it to you right away. I hope you agree with this approach. More updates to come later!

Last week was a big week on the campaign.

The Senate passed in the dead of night a bill to raid social security and add trillions to our debt - they gave President Obama a blank check, and hardly even debated the topic. I stood up on the floor at 3am and protested.

I might have been a bit fired up, as you saw if you watched the speech.

With your help, and the help of Senator Mike Lee, 25 million people watched the video. It went viral and Americans took notice.

Next, I went to the Democrat debate in South Carolina and challenged Hillary Clinton head on for being a NeoCon. She shares the positions on foreign policy of Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.

After watching the Democrats debate, it became clear there really isn’t much difference between Hillary Clinton and some of the Republican candidates on the key issues.

•Hillary Clinton wants Amnesty. Marco Rubio partnered with Chuck Schumer to try and pass Amnesty.
•Hillary Clinton agrees with Marco Rubio that we should have American boots on the ground in the Middle East. They both supported the Iraq War, support a no fly zone over Syria that could lead to war with Russia, supported failed policies in Libya, etc. They both support foreign aid to the Muslim brotherhood. There is virtually no substantive difference between them on foreign policy.
•Hillary Clinton supports Obamatrade. Again, most of the Republican candidates, including Marco Rubio, agree with her on that. They want to give President Obama more authority, and trust him to use it correctly.

There is virtually no difference between Hillary Clinton and several other Republican candidates on some of the biggest issues of the campaign. How can you beat Hillary Clinton if you agree with her policies?

The debate is tomorrow night and we are down to just 8 candidates on that stage.

It is by far the most important debate of the campaign.

And now rather than talk about Ben Carson’s college applications, or Marco Rubio’s credit card scandal, we can talk about the real issues facing our country.

•No American boots on the ground in the Middle East.
•A fairer, flatter tax to replace the tax code.
•Audit the fed to provide real confidence in our money.
•No Amnesty. Not now, not ever.

We each get more time to speak because only 8 candidates will be on the stage….this means more time to discuss the issues that truly matter. And I trust Fox Business will do a better job staying on the issues than CNBC.

I am going to "paint in bold colors, not pale pastels."

And I am going to hold these Republican candidates accountable for being Hillary-lite on the critical issues of our day.

If you agree with this approach, I hope you will join me by making a contribution to the campaign. Together, we will take our country back.


Rand Paul

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